What is a pane?

I am just starting to wash windows, I see lots of guys do the price per the pane, is a pane the same as a window?

Yes. And. No.

in OUR world the ‘pane’ is the side of a window you are going to clean.

Look at any window…it has (to us) two panes. Unless it has a storm.

Both sides of any ‘window’ must be clean for the ‘window’ to be ‘clean’,

Since not all windows are inside/outside, we refer to each sides as a pane.

Well, at least I do.

Really? I saw this guy that was charging $3 a pane so $6 for the whole window??

I look at it differently.

A pane is a plate of glass surrounded by a frame. So a double hung window has 2 panes to it. A large picture window is one pane, although I mainly call it a picture window so as to charge more for it.

I typically charge in the neighborhood of 4.50 a pane for residential. So a double hung window cost 9.00 for inside and out cleaning. Of course, track, sill, frame or screen cleaning is extra.

Okay so what would you charge for a basic one story house with 1 sliding door and 15 regular sized windows?

$150 range, dependent upon access to exterior and interior glass, soil level, and other considerations.

Bshannon, that house would fall under my $200.00 minimum. So I would charge $200.00. However, 150.00 is more realistic, and if I really wanted the job, I would ditch my minimum if they booked it on the spot.

Welcome bshannon.
I agree with We Wash Windows on the description of a pane of glass.

Okay so what would you charge for a basic one story house with 1 sliding door and 15 regular sized windows?

What type of windows are they? Casement, double hung, removable thermal panes, storm windows, french windows?

In my area 5.50 to 6.50 per pane is normal.

So 6.00 x 15(casements) = $90
or 6.00 x 15(double hung) =$180

For french windows you could safely charge between a buck or two per pane in/out.

If your doing a estimate just for the outside. Don’t charge half the price. Windows are generally dirtier on the outside. Charge 60-65% of the in/out cost.

For clarity; back when i did scratch removal, we had to assess which side of a window was damaged. Inside/outside etc.

It was then i was taught to describe each side as a pane.

I just assumed we all did it that way.

I am curious where ‘pane’ comes from.

Not sure but when I searched for it I found out where the term "window " comes from. Pretty interesting.


Sounds about right. If it’s 15 single pane windows + sliding door.

From their definition:

  1. An opening constructed in a wall or roof that functions to admit light or air to an enclosure and is often framed and spanned with glass mounted to permit opening and closing.
  2. A framework enclosing a pane of glass for such an opening; a sash.
  3. A pane of glass or similar material enclosed in such a framework.

Most people (home owners) tend to lean towards point #1. Any opening in the wall to them is considered a window, regardless of pane count. They’ll tell me they have 20 windows but when I arrive it turns out to be 30, 40, 50 or more panes of glass.

I tell customers that I charge by the pane and explain that “a pane is any sheet of glass framed on all sides.”

usually from the back side!

pane (pn)
a. A framed section of a window or door that is usually filled with a sheet of glass or other transparent material.
b. The transparent material used to fill such a section.
2. A panel, as of a door or wall.
3. One of the flat surfaces or facets of an object, such as a bolt, having many sides.
[Middle English, section, pane of glass, from Old French pan, piece of cloth, panel, from Latin pannus, cloth; see pan- in Indo-European roots.]

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