What is my TDS?

What is my TDS?

Total Dissolved Solids

Now you know :slight_smile:

Over 43,000 USA Zip codes and tds readings categorized.


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Awesome @Chris! It would be cool if it had suggestions as to what pure water systems would work for the TDS level, and then a link to https://shopwindowcleaner.com/pure-water-systems.html

Probably easier said than done.

That’s going to be in phase 2 of the widget. At first, we wanted something very simple and mobile friendly that people could go to very quickly and get a fast reading.

This month you will see it rolled out into a few of our different websites with more logic and suggestions built in.

glad you like it!


After trying several zips in my area, some of them still come up zero lol.
One of them 853. WOW

It differs a fair amount from my own tds meter. With this, city water is higher and non city (wells) is lower than the readings I get.

Would love to know how this compares to everyone’s local reading.

73644 says 0 & 73648 says 158 (they are the same location just city vs po) but its between 250-400 in the places I’ve tested.