What is the best ladder standoff?

Many have commented how much they enjoy using a ladder standoff. I’m about to pull the trigger on buying 1 and want to buy right the 1st time.

My primary ladder is a Metalic sectional ladder.

Sooo…any opinions out there?

Bought one from Home Depot. Works great. Not sure who else makes one or what the big differences are but it has definaltly helped. Totally worth the money! Then you can add on to it get a clip rigged on to hold screens drills etc… Hope that helps

We have been using these lately:

LeveLok Standout Bracket

Do those work with Sectionals?

yea I guess they would.

What’s the point of putting a standoff on a sectional? I have a vee-groove 4X6.

For an extension ladder, I use a Werner QuickClick with 97P spans.

Can I use 97p standoff from werner on MT-17 ladder?