What is the best rubber?

Ive tried a few different types of rubber and it seems they all have their pros and cons. Ettore is great but leaves squeegee marks and doesnt glide well for me. Maybe I need to use some friction reducer or something . I havent ever tried it. This film is also very hard to remove(lots of steel wool scrubbing). Pulex soft rubber sucks in my opinion. Ive also tried a cheap rubber which was ridiculously bad. Right now Im just sticking with the ettore because Im afraid to try anything else. It seems the best of the bunch but is also overpriced. Any thoughts? Should I add some friction reducer to my bucket?
How well does hard rubber work??

I keep going back to Ettore. I think they are the best.

Alex turned me onto the Ettore Rubbers. Before I was using ungers.

I liked the ungers unless humidity is high. Then you can see squeegee marks, but they are Great in colder environments.

The Ettore’s are much better in the heat and humidity.

I can go either way though. So this probably didn’t answer your question.

Pronounced (Ettora) by the way. I have been corrected more than once.

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That is a hilarious picture!! Yeah Ettore seems to be the best but I cant help but thinking they can make rubber last longer but they dont so we have to keep on buying more!!! Any advice on the squeegee glide solution?

I use Pulex Hard, works great. Wagtail rubber is good also. I don’t like Unger soft, but I want to try Unger Hard and see how that goes.
Ettore is ok. Glisten glides well.

I had this thought while surfing yesterday. You know how Lance Armstorng does that bicycle stuff. I saw a documentary about his tires on his bike. Apparently they ferment them for 7 years in a cellar before they use them…
Makes them last ridiculously longer and keeps the tread on good. I don’t know how the process works, but what if there was a way to do that to squeegee rubber??? Just a thought.

I have tried a few different types of rubber. But I always end up coming back to Ettore`. it Works the best for me.

Pulex Soft is a good rubber. When the glass is really hot I like the Pulex Hard. Ettore is good, I prefer Pulex Soft over it though. Never cared for the Unger rubber.

ecwc, I am using some rubber that I bought about 5 years ago, I have not noticed a difference. Maybe the instance with the tires helps with the laminating (?) of different layers of rubber?

I used to do hooters…I did it early and the AC was full blast. It is often very humid here so the exterior glass was always very foggy…sometimes dripping wet.

Ettore, unger, pull the marks.

But, ettore has in my view the best edge for the longest time. They do not nick very easy either.IMO

I heard that Ettore has the best quality control in the industry. I have never had a bad batch of Ettore rubbers. I feel like I can count on them.

where did you read/hear that?

how about steccone rubber? Has anybody used them?

Ermmm…I have :frowning:

I’ve gotten bad batches of all the different rubber I’ve tried. It’s not possible to avoid when you think of the sheer volume of rubber sold. I love the Ettore it’s good and consistent. I don’t care for the Unger as it wears out way to fast for me. I might try the Steccone sometime just to see if there is a difference between it and Ettore even though it’s the same company making them.

Ettore’s for me for the last 18 years.

If you get a bad batch of ettore they will send you another batch…no questions asked.
I’ve only gotten one bad batch over the past three years.
Unger works well but we tend to have more problems with unger rubber

I always had that same question. I talked with the owners of Ettore in Nashville and I was told by the Granddaughter of the company founder that it was pronounced et-tor-ray

We use mostly rubber. No problems.

I tried unger soft, an was changing it out wayyy to much. Got some Ettore this year. Well worth the price. Rubber last longer for me the results IMO are better. I just tossed a rubber this last friday that was in the channel for 1 month. Yup, that’s right. Not sure why it lasted so long, but it was used just about everday last month and never left a streak or mark. It was like a test every morning, when is this rubber going to crap out? Well it went this last friday but man that was the longest lasting rubber I had ever.

You may also want to look here.

From a supplier who’s name will not be mentioed here. He said they are expensive but the quality control might be the best in the industry. I was complaining to him about a bad batch of Pulex rubber. I tried Unger rubber for awhile but it doesn’t seem to last.