What is the best way to get off silicone from windows if you can not use a razor?

I have a customer asking me to do a construction clean up where there is a large amount of silicone on the glass but they specifically asked me not to use a razor because they had a bad experience with a previous window cleaner on a different construction clean up job and they scratched the heck out of the glass. So is there a chemical or a scrub pad of some kind that will remove the silicone? Thanks for the help


Mr. Clean, magic eraser has done me right so far.

Oil-Flo is a good option. Obviously scrubbing will take more time than scraping, so bid accordingly. :wink:

I’ve had some success with #0000 steel wool and baby powder.

I’ve used magic eraser and goof off with good results. They don’t have to be used together but I have used both at different times with good results.

Goo gone works too

What advantage does the baby powder provide? I’m curious…

Yep love the Magic Eraser

If you do use steel wool, I’ve found that tucking it above your ear is a good trick to keep it easy to reach. Razors on the other hand… now THAT’S just [MENTION=327]Dangerous[/MENTION].

Without baby powder it smears. Balls up with baby powder. Works great. But since Ive heard of magic eraser its the only thing I use now.

I always have construction companies sign a waiver. The waiver states that using a razor is standard procedure for most glass. Painters and bricklayers are getting cheaper and cheaper, and most are just passing the buck to you. 90% of painting is tapeing off. The last construction job I did nearly every window was covered with paint. I also always give an estimate based on how the window looks now, and after painters. I double the bid, and add 20% to that if the painters get stupid.

I love using Magic Erasers for things like tough spots on blinds and cleaning frames, never thought they would be good for silicone, thanks for the tip!

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Uni solve

Steel wool. 000 degree. Fine… or even 00 degree. I’ve never used bronze on CC up. It might work. Magic eraser as well. There’s always a chance of scratches. Especially tempered glass, and low- e. Remember,⁰ you didn’t do this. One caution is concrete removal. That is the worst of the worst.
You must have a chemical to soften the concrete, and still a big chance of scratches. Always do a test. I then ask them to watch as I demonstrate to them how we will use the steel wool on a soapy wet window… It’s
a painstaking process all bc window installers, and others were careless, and in a hurry. Personally, I avoid CC clean up at all cost unless it’s attached to a building, or job I have in the future. If the Construction company won’t sign a waiver, or too busy, walk away. Many won’t sign it. Excuse after excuse. Lawyer says no blah, blah, blah !They are too big to sign a measly window cleaners waiver. If that’s their attitude, then so be it,
walk away. I know it’s hard, but it will bite you one day if you plan on doing this line of work. Blame game starts if they are scratched up too much. You were the last one to touch the glass. Honestly, you have no idea what’s under all the dirt, and paint until it’s off. Good luck.



  • I tend to shy away from regular shitbag carelessness, like paint, etc… but I will inform the cust and make an attempt if need be. But I add a waiver, and “happY to make a separate itemized cost page (for the cust to attempt to charge said shitbag) to pass along to your previous contractor in any future attempt to recoupe your current expense.”

But I do NOT ever… 100% of the time… REMOVE concrete!