What is the best way to price soft wash roof cleaning?

I have a condo complex looking at giving me half down to clean the whole complex. Looking at around 80grand to replace the roofs. How would I price the roofs though? Do pitches and valleys make a big difference?


You can calc footage with an app. If you have a lot of roof be sure to figure the expense of chemical. It adds up and pretty quick. Also figure wear and tear on your pump into the price.

If you are just starting then estimate the time it would take and figure an hourly. It’s the roof so it should be more then what you are doing for windows per hour. And at the end of the job go from there and figure what it cost you for chem and labor per foot and then adjust a price per foot accordingly.

Alot of it is about access. The more Valley the harder it usually is. The steeper the roof the harder it is and more chemical.


What do you roughly charge a square foot?? Like a minimum?

I have a starting price if I’m going to spray only. Moss removal is additional.

Can spray most normal roofs in 2-3 hours with no rinsing.

Then I add chemical costs. Im about $80 for SH and surfactants.

Then you account for difficulty.

Calc the footage and multiply that number and see what you come up with, does it sound low? Bump it up, too high? Bring the multiplier down.

I’ve also heard from another, that a wash is 3%-5% of replacement. That’s any where from $2400-$4000 for $80k. Not sure what the job is like though. Not sure if that helps.

Keep in mind too that it is pretty specialized even more then just moss removal so you should be getting a higher dollar. But sometimes you get through a few before you get dialed in and that’s okay.


It had a lot of the black algae running down it. That sounded like the biggest problem.

Yeah depending on the strength of your mix you may need to spray those areas more then once. And also figure whether you are gonna rinse that off. If you got a lot of rain coming then spray and go but if not then rinsing will take time.

I told them it would be between one fifth and a tenth of completely replacing the roofs

What was their response to that? If they swallowed it then go for it. You’ll have plenty of room in there to do a pristine job.

The one lady on the board was all for it. She was extremely mad that the roofers told them that there is no way to clean it.

Oh then you’re golden. They be happy and you’ll make paper.

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Haha I could only hope! That’s free advertising. Now I’d just need to figure out what system to go with.

Pressure tek has a good set up. You can buy the full setup or a put
together yourself which will save a few bucks. Just be sure to get plenty
of hose.

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Priced out a whole condo complex. Windows roofs and siding! Wish me luck!