What is the best wfp brush for residential

Hi guys which wfp brush would you recommend for residential window cleaning I’m currently deciding on the tucker hybrid or full boars hair.

If I were to name the brush the post would be deleted, its a brush with bristles and a pad with a rinse bar.


Tucker hybrid for me the boars hair you will burn through they lose a lot of bristels fast

Thanks ya I think I’ll get the hybrid


Discovered this beast a couple of months ago. This is the only brush I ever plan on using after using all the rest for 5-7 years now. It’s got the radius curve bend on it so it hits the top of the lower sash without having to change the angle on the head, and the side bristles really dig into the frames to grab cobwebs, and it cleans sills REALLY well also, even on 2nd and 3rd floor windows. It’s crazy how great this brush is.