What is your go to water spot / oxidation remover (Stage 1)?

I’m getting back into window cleaning after 3 years away. I cleaned for 20 years before that and we always used CC550 for oxidation / water spot removal which is so toxic and can burn certain windows but when it works it works great and is quick. I’m looking for options that aren’t so toxic. I have some Safe Restore which I’ve heard some use but I’m just wondering what are some other options you have had good luck with? If you use safe restore how do you apply it? I just want to have some options ready on the truck once I get started back up. Thanks is advance for any opinions!


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Something that I have used is Easy Off Oven Cleaner. It actually works really great on stains made by metal screening. Only downside is it is very corrosive. You have to spray the wand not the window and always face away from the building while spraying. It will discolor the siding. And wipe up any excess water from the window sill quickly. Not the best stuff to use but is cheap and can be purchased at many places if you are in a bind.

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depending on the hard water source, I always first try a phosphoric acid to begin with, if this does not do what is needed I will proceed to a cerium pad, if u don’t need the cerium its a 2 min procedure if you do who knows depending on the level of staining at least 10 mins per pane

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Mr hard water hands down. Buy the kit 1 job should pay you back for it


Thanks for all the input!


I use the Unger Rub-Out stuff with a drill with a foam pad designed for buffing out headlights. Works great. I use 000 steel wool with it for the corners. I charge $12-$20 a pane depending on the extent of mineral deposit impregnation. A friend I work with uses this stuff called Spot that I don’t think is sold anymore. It comes in powder form and seems to be quality.