What is your phone sales pitch?

Interested in hearing others “pitch” when a lead calls in looking for a quote. In the interest of saving time and money, I would rather qualify a customer before venturing to their house for an estimate. I utilize Responsibid on my website so that I can qualify online, but a call in seems to require a bit more finesse.

I want to be able to convey our package of value to a client, but it often seems the phone call is more about the price. I know in this biz the differentiating factor will ultimately come down to the client “feeling good” about working with you and that is better done face to face, however…

The truth is my price is going to be the same if I tell them over the phone or drive out to their house (save for adjustments if they tell me 20 windows and its really 30). I would rather know they are willing to pay the price before the drive out.

Have any of you found a 20 second phone pitch that seems to get your foot in the door?

Hey Justin, if they sound like price is their only concern, I’ll usually just give them a ballpark based on their home size and then see if they’re still interested in having someone come out and give them an exact price. We’re in the same market so if you ever want to meet up and talk shop, let me know!


Thanks for the response. I have been very informed by your input on the forums. I know that you are here in SATX as well and I hope to be able to present my company as professionally as yours. Working to raise the level of quality, not race to the bottom on price. Lots of glass in this town… Plenty to go around.

For others reading:
To keep the thread going - in addition to my initial post, what is your ratio of calls to scheduling if you give a quote over the phone? 1 in 10? 3 in 10? Curious to know.

My phone pitch?

“What is All County asking for? Ill do it for $20 less”


Great to hear, that’s an excellent perspective!

7 in 10


Great numbers. (7 in 10) What’s your approach to booking during the call? Are you giving pricing on the phone or just scheduling the estimate? If giving price, what is your “close” to get them to commit?

Close rate can be deceptive. High close rate could indicate great things and not-so-great-things.

As far as your question goes, you’ve already sold them enough to call you, so keep with the same approach as ur website or other advertising.

A few easy ones that a lot of people get wrong:

Answer the phone or call back super fast.
Be super friendly.
Be super appreciative.
Be a good listener.
Throw in a bit of info that displays your expertise.

This topic has been discussed before. Check out old threads. Chris even made his phone call script available at one point on shop.

I do in person estimates maybe once a month.

Most visit my website first so they prequailfy themselves that’s really the key if people call you blind ey have no frame of reference so get them to call via web or some other marketing piece.