What is your smallest squeegee?

I was doing a job this weekend that had pretty small panes on a few windows. I have a 6" squeegee and it wasn’t even close to fitting. So, it got me thinking in a fun way about, what is the smallest squeegee you have used?

I believe I’ve got one 3.5” channel, no wider than the top of the handle, lol. I have a few in the 4” -5.5” range, as well.

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How wide is -5.5"?


As per a tip here, got Ettore brass and chopped it up. Don’t have a 3", maybe next chop. It was suggested to make quarter inch increments. Don’t have a chop saw, brass cuts nicely with hack saw. Then I de-burr. It is fun to put clips on a tiny squeegee. At 3 inches, you could probably skip that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Those anti-matter french panes are tricky :rofl:

Somehow I lost the “4” when posting, lol.

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AH that makes sense. I thought somehow you were leaning between double paned glass…lol

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I have a .5" squeegee.

EDIT: In case no one noticed, that was a joke. ;D I’ve been thinking about making some custom length squeegees for a job I have though. :slight_smile:

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it puts water on a dry window

I have a 2.5 incher that I modified a handle for.

I lost the handle 8 years ago lol

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