What is your USP?

I was just reading another topic here and USP came up. I also hear it frequently on the WCR Nation Podcast. I don’t really have one, is this something you keep to yourself or would mind sharing.

About me: First year real business (Did it for a summer as a student but didn’t push it). Ex-military in a military town. I don’t know if being a veteran owned business is a USP, but I don’t really push it either, I didn’t fight any wars or spend decades in the military.

USPs I’ve Considered:

Green- Electric car, WFP (no chemicals), Environmentally friendly soaps for trad.

Real Estate Driven- make connections with all the realtors and keep my schedule open for last minute listings.

Short term rentals- high end air bnbs turnovers

Route only- build a route, reduce costs, streamline, cut squeegee channels for jobs, have them laid out to straight pull as much as possible.

High End Resi Route (Splash and dash package)- High end multi million dollar houses on the water, monthly WFP cleaning for much lower price than a typical semi annual cleaning.

Exterior cleaning maintence- Monthly payment plan, includes 2 window cleanings (Spring/fall), gutter cleaning, Maybe exterior wash but I’m not there yet.

Paperless *

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  • highest rated in my town
  • specialized (power washing and window cleaning only - no storefronts, no storm windows, no long list of add-ons)
  • solo operator (quality control and trustworthiness are built in to my business structure)

The solo op is real. No employee cares like the owner.

What is USP??

Unique Selling Proposition.

Essentially, what sets you apart from your competitors?

Oh thank you. I have read many books, pod cast etc etc. and have never heard that acronym until recently. Now I’m seeing and hearing it everywhere. Tried google but I got weird urban answers haha!!

Makes a lot of sense. Thank you again. Good information to read.

If you don’t mind me asking, what do you make as a solo operator? I’m about to be that in 6 months.

my usp?

I’ll make your windows sparkle dawg

I’ll PM you.

Every company will make their windows sparkle, this is a given in the customers mind when they are shopping for window cleaning.

Yeah, but will they call the customer Dawg in the process? That’s the real USP here…