What kind of spray paint should i use for frames?

Customer wants me to spray paint his frames. What would you guys use to spray paint frames black? What should i charge for this service? I was thinking like 3$-5$ a frame or something.

Screen frames or window frames? What is the material made of metal etc…?

More info. Is this going to be guaranteed work. U could be opening herself up to a whole new problem.

Its just metal screens. He gave me a call and asked me if i could paint them also. He’s more friend than customer. He’s gotten me 10 window cleaning clients already.

and no not guarunteed. Just something he wanted done since the screens were already off.

I hit white frame screens (no screen in them) with gloss white rustoleum spray paint if I have done any repairs and want to match old to new, if you are changing colors you may need to light sand,prime then paint.

Thanks man, I have already rescreend 10 of them so i’m just gonna cover up screen portion with cardboard. Hopefully it works out. Thanks for the advice though. Thats what i was leaning towards. Seems like a good idea too because it will help protect more against corrosion in the future.

Are they unpainted aluminum frames? I just stopped by h/d today, they sell a primer that is for unpainted aluminum saw it in can (brush on) did not look to see if came in spray form, Rustoleum has 3 or 4 different types of primer for different metals as well as conditions.

They are unpainted aluminum. One of the frames is alreadt painted and actually looks pretty damn sharp. Much nicer than just regular fram.
How much did you charge to spray paint em?