What license i need?

Hello every i am new to the business i just started 2 weeks Ago. I will like to know what license do i need in florida. I have no idea about licenses. Sorry for the newbie question

We have a few members here from Florida. @Garry @Samuel @Erica to name a few maybe they can help with links.
Check with your local mancipalitys,and the state website every thing you need should be right there.

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Get yourself educated on all that you need and the beauty of it is there is FREE information to be had.
I could lay it all out for you but I might even miss something or not put enough emphasis on certain things that directly pertain to what you want.

A couple of links to give you all you need to get started:




Thank you so much really appreciate it

Ok awesome thank you so much

This link will have helpful information.


What part of Florida are you in?

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Bey erica thank you i live in ft lauderdale fl

Sorry for the typo hey**

Here’s the only license you’ll need. Only $699!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If he wants to have the right to party, he’ll need a license to ill.


Haha thats awesome i am gong to put that on my wall

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You probably should have a high school diploma and have passed grammar class. :confused:

It’s more important to have two turntables and a microphone.


I have a janitorial license. I pay the city around $120 a year for around $200,000 in claimed revenue. Residents can look me up on the city website. Also if you end up doing work for the city you must have a license.

Very interesting thank you so much for your reply greatly appreciate it