What makes YOUR bid sheet/proposal the one that stands out?

Now you are probably are going to say that it doesn’t matter just as long as price is good and you conducted yourself in a professional, memorable, likable way. BUT you need that bid sheet to be professional and respectable as well as providing easy to understand terms and etc so that the building managers will be able to make an informed descision.
Ok now that all that bull manure jargon is out of the way. Tell me what all is on YOURS! I don’t have any yet. And I want these high/mid rise & hotel owners to feel secure in having a knowledgeable and respectable vendor on their property. Profesional documents are something appreciated.
Aaaaaallllright then…inFORM me!!!

I use the estimates on the customer factor.

After taking a quick look I really like what I see. Any complaints or recommendations on using the customer factor?

My only complaint is I didn’t start using it sooner. I love it, keeps me organized if I enter everything like I should.

You could also check out Documents, waivers, forms | Buy Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products. The service agreement form could work well for commercial. Also there is a [URL=“http://windowcleaner.com/vBulletin/wcr-business-downloads/”]free document area where you could look at what others have done. You just have to submit a form of your own and you have access to hundreds (if I’m not mistaken) of forms that others have shared. I think some of my forms are in there somewhere.

My customers never see my bid sheet. I have an estimate form I give them. I looks like a bigger version of my business card with a blank area with “Date, Services to be Performed, and the amount,” At the bottom right there is a TOTAL ESTIMATE Box with the number in it

It does make a difference. I got a call on a resi job. I bid $599, the other guys bid $450 and she calls me back to do the work. I ask why she chose me and she said, “Well…? You’re presentation was very good (the estimate sheet) and your price was higher. So, I figured you were the better choice.” I did come down in price, closer to the other guy’s - and I’m sure other’s here are going to wail saying they never come down on price, but do we really need to earn $100/hr on every job?.. anyway.

Basically, the sheet is clean and organized with each aspect of each job itemized. This cuts down on having to write out the details of your process for each bid. The less chicken scratch the better. Make the piece like eye-candy and have a carbon-copy style available. Even though I use customer factor, I’ll still give estimates with my other carbon copy form because it makes a copy for both of us when I make extra notes.

I use Customer factor as well for most large estimates. I had to 2 copy forms made up with my logo on them and keep them In my clip board for estimates that come up in the field. Both look very nice but my 2 copy forms have to be hand printed. Wish my writing looked better.

I’m not ‘wailing’, but I am curious. If she thought your presentation was good and that since your price was higher you were the better choice, why did you come down on your price? Why did you give away an element that actually helped you to win her as a client? It sounds like you already had the job at your price.

I’m still a newb and am trying to figure everything out, including understanding prospects. I’ve lost several jobs to being $75-$200 more than other bidders. I told her, “I bid by the window and how much time it will take. There is a chance that I overbid the job, so let’s do it the first time at this price. Then, for next year’s window cleaning, I’ll evaluate the cost and time it took and charge appropriately, possibly increasing the price.”

She agreed, and I’ll probably raise it $75 next time.

Thanks for your answer. I wasn’t criticizing your decision, just curious. I do wonder, however, if by dropping our initial price, we risk giving the customer the wrong impression that the first price was “too high” and we were just hoping that they wouldn’t notice.

I appreciate your response. I’m still working on improving my own pricing strategies and I find that these discussions help. Thanks.

Perfect example of why we created our software

Pro-Posal would be a great solution to any of these issues

Where do you find estimates on the customer factor?