What programs do you use?

Just curious what software you all use at the office. For me it’s…

Scheduling: Google calendars

Client info: Google sheets

Accounting: None. Still all hand written. It kind of annoys my tax guy, but it gets the job done. I haven’t really found the benefit of double entry on quickbooks or something of that nature, nor do I understand how to use it haha; just seems time consuming. And if I’m not mistaken, hooking up any software between your credit card/bank/accounting software has a monthly fee - ew.

So far I’m very happy with what we have, but plan on expanding to multiple crews soon, so perhaps some upgrades are in oder in the future.

QuickBooks online
Payroll is through QuickBooks
Timesheets also app through QuickBooks

Really helps to see exactly what you’re earning and having it connected to your account makes it much more organized too.

Plus you have a written notebook what happens if you lose that in a fire or flood? Or some other way. Our stuff is all electronically saved and easy to give access to our cpa’s

Plus the systems are a huge when you have employees

the customer factor
payroll service


Google Sheets for obsessive planning and notes

Google Sheets for financials

Wix for building and maintaining my website (LOVE being able to independently manipulate the mobile version vs desktop version)

Just got into BrightLocal for managing seo ranking, reviews, citations among other things. Being able to compare these things vs competitors is great to improve things overall. Pretty cool tool honestly, I think it definitely is worth the $29 a month

Systems and software are so much fun!

TCF and QB, and plan to run with an answering service this year to fill in gaps for when the phone cannot be answered.

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Been using QB enterprise solutions for the last 13 years now, and still don’t know ALL of the that it can do. That being said, I think it might be time for a change. Honestly I don’t really need all of what it can do. Just need P and L’s, ability to customize documents and attach to client files and emails, a few other things too…I ain’t paying no subscriptions or annual fees or any of that nonsense. I’ll pay for the program or keep using this one till its outdated (what 6 months the way tech is zooming).

I’m not selling anything AT ALL, just a local company trying to ride the big wave…
But The Customer Factor is under $50/mo. Thats SUPER cheap for what you get.

Like I said in my post, there’s no way I’m going to pay a monthly fee. I wasn’t trying to say you were a rep for them, in fact I had that program for a while and the guy who runs it is the kind of guy that will go as far as needed to help you and thats a fact. Very stand up dude.

Its just not for me, same reason I choose one beer over the next. Matter of preference. It’s a great product, and since I was using it I’m sure its a ton better now than it was.

Is the QuickBooks program you use cloud-based can you access it from any device on the Internet? The reason most software charge a monthly or yearly fee if they are cloud-based is because of the server fee they are paying also what type of scheduling software are you using? Do you just use a spreadsheet? I started out with 3 x 5 cards in a tin box that I carried with me every day and marked I have now moved up to all cloud-based software
I pay a yearly fee

Its desktop version, enterprise 2018.
I’d love to get back with responsibid again! Made a bunch of money with that, thats for sure.

How did you make money with responsibid? There online window count thing or different features?

so why don’t you?

Type in " Software " in Search Bar. Lots and Lots of info you are looking for.

lots of that info is old, some may be still valid but software is something that can easily change, there is software available now that wasn’t even considered just a few years ago.

if you don’t have an instant quote system like responsibid, quoteflare or some kind of shopping cart wher people can get prices instantly you are losing money

If I had a nickel…

Yes very annoying, someone always has to be the guy. Can’t spend time to help but can spend time to type hit the search bar.

Can’t just yet. After a long string of bad luck in needing to start all over again.

I need equipment. Among many other things.

I will get back with it, i just can’t right now.


I made money because many people would rather figure out how much it would cost without a commitment or sales pressure I think. Whatever gos thru their minds while doing it to be honest I don’t know.

All I know is when I had it, sales were drastically up.