What psi for wfp do u have

I’m going to go to a tank system. I’m looking at pumps etc… i have a current trolly system that is 70 psi but i think i may need to go higher.
What psi did you have that works.

Especially interested in those pump systems that run 2 wfp from tank.

Thanks in advance.

I have a shurflo 60psi 1.5gpm. Works good. Had troubles with it cycling on/off but turned the pressure switch on top with an allen key counterclockwise and it fixed it :). Have not tried 2 poles yet but plan on doing so in near future, I think it will work fine. In my opinion it’s better to have less pressure than too much.

I think the best way to do 2 wfp would be just get another pump. I think flow rate could be an issue - if one pole is at 3 stories and other is at ground level, pressure is irrelevant as all the waters going the path of least resistance. I’m no scientist so I could be wrong! Also would be nice as a back up, if one pump breaks on you, your not stuck.


This, feed 2 poles with 2 pumps separately from same power source and the buffer tank. More than 60psi is generally only required when you’re working at 40’+ heights, because you’ll need to first push that water vertically through that much tubing, then have enough flow so you’re not just dribbling out the jets.

That said, if you’re hard set on a one-pump application, you’ll want to look at a pump that can supply enough water (flow) for 2 poles (i.e. ~.75gpm x2 poles = 1.5gpm) at a decent pressure (i.e. 60psi). So a 1.5gpm @ 60psi pump would be your minimum requirements. Keep in mind the pressure differences while working 2 poles at different heights may very likely cause the pump to pulse.

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Thanks! I like the 2 pump idea. Makes sense