What rubber do you guys use soft, med, hard

Just curious to what most of you use as far as rubbers.

Soft, Med, or Hard.

Also I will be doing commerical and residental clients. Will I need different ones for different types. thank you all

Magnums! sorry, had to throw that in from a previous thread. I like the Ettore rubbers. I prefer a softer rubber though. With the title of this post it can only go wrong in so many ways. I am sure my mind is not the only one in the gutter.


Most people around here prefer the Ettore soft for most cases.

However, it is important to note that hard rubber is better in warmer weather and soft for cooler conditions. That said, most people still get by with soft rubber, year round.

I don’t really think it makes much difference for resi or commercial.

I like Unger Soft. It wears out a little faster than Ettore but I just like the way it performs.

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I never knew that. I have always had bad luck with hard rubber. we have a dry climate and in the summer temps from high 90’s to low 100’s. The hard won’t even last me a day if I am lucky. In most cases not even a half day. What is a good Hard rubber? I would like try one out to see if anything has changed.


pulex hard…good for humid/hot weather.

What about Dry/ hot weather?

works for dry hot weather too.

I use Unger soft for 2 months out of the year here, that’s the only time it’s cold.

I only use hard rubber if it’s 90F or hotter. Otherwise I get chatter. I usually just go w/ Ettore all year. Hmmmm, sounds like I may have a Weather or Not episode in the making here!:wink:

ettore is a medium rubber…good for most things.

I use Ettore rubber year round too. Never have had a problem with it or needed a harder rubber. And it gets really hot here in the Summer months.

Maybe I don’t know what I’m missing with hard rubber in extreme heat. :smiley:

Maybe the Sorbo Glide or *** Slick that I use helps out since it helps keep the glass wet longer.

I’d switch to Winsol Super Slip. I love it!

no joke…put astro glide in your bucket and it’s better then almost any slip solution.
Astro glide is really cheap and you only need a few drops.

A-B-C Slick works great. Why should I switch to Winsol Super Slip?

Go to directly to Jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.


I would switch in part because of the way they’ve dealt w/ other wcers. I don’t want anything to do w/ a company devoid of ethics. Just my opinion Richard.

I personally have never had a problem with that store. There is one guy on their staff that I’m not a fan of and for that reason I don’t buy all of my stuff there anymore.

But if that store has something I need or want and I can’t get it elsewhere I’ll buy it there. I buy most all of my supplies at WCR these days and plan to continue doing so. WCR will continue to grow and will probably have their own line of stuff and I look forward to trying out all of it.

I may check into Winsol Super Slip but when I looked at it a while back I think it was not so cheap and you have to use more of it per solution mix.

I used to use Sorbo Glide but it’s just too expensive.

Maybe I’ll try that Astroglide that Stark mentioned. I looked it up and it costs about $11.00 for 5 oz. That ain’t really cheap compared to what I already use.

I only ever use soft all year round in the uk ! Tryed the hard ones so many times ,but what i fined is that it does not get next to the rubber seal round the window like the soft ones do .