What’s this hazy scratch?

It looks like an acid was used on the new window. The home is stucco and the glass have this haze on a few windows.

Looks like its between the panes right? I’d bet its just a bad job cleaning that side before the low-e coating went on it. That’s a gi-normous guess tho.

If its between the panes tho, if you REALLY want to know? Send that photo to the company on the sticker after you call them. Then you’ll know for sure.

Hard to tell in the pics but if it’s on the surface of the glass it looks to me like it’s marks left by an aluminium ladder

I had a new construction job recently with a bottom payne covered in this, and it had a purple tinge to it as well (they were lower quality Anderson windows). Would like to know if anyone knows as well…

Im thinking this is the case. The window is installed in the front door and already has a leak in the seal. Or there may be moisture trapped inside as it already fogs.

@WindowDood - yes, slight purple color. I don’t recall the maker of the door.