What Size Hose Do You Used On WFPs?

[SIZE=3]What size hoses do you think should be use for WFP.

Water source to DI / RO.

What size hoses is used, on your DI/RO system.

DI/RO System to pole connection which size you think would be best.

On the pole itself what size hose would you be using?

Also when connecting to the brush, noticed that more people are using 4 pencil /fan jets.

What size hose do you use to connect these up?

From the first Y connection example larger hose in then 2 smaller out?

Or do you think it doesn’t matter so long as you get water to the other end that being your brush.


Here’s Our setup:

3/8" air hose From tap to DI vessel, which feeds into our 25 gallon tank

3/8" hose from tank to pump, and from pump to hose reel

300’ of 1/4" polyurethane air hose on the reel

5/16" WFP hose for the pole itself, with 2 pencil jets
–After seeing that video “what’s in your van?” from WC magazine, I’d like to change this last part. I think I’m going to go with 1/4" OD hose for the pole, and possibly use reducing T’s to have 4 top mounted “nozzle-less” jets using a smaller diameter tubing.

I chose the other hoses based on convenience/ ease of use. The 1/4" poly air hose is much smaller, lighter, and more flexible than the 3/8" PVC hose I had been using (300’ of the 1/4" hose fits on a reel made to hold 100’ of 3/8" hose). In turn, I recycled the 3/8" hose to use as a supply for the DI vessel, since it was smaller and lighter than standard 5/8" garden hose.

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5/8, 3/16 & 1/4 inch is this Inside Diameter? [/SIZE]

Does anyone know why pole hose 5/16" OD is the standard for wfp? If you want to MacGyver anything in the field or need a quick fix, finding a 5/16" John Guest/style fitting in a big box store or plumbing store is a pretty hard to come by.

I am sure it is has to do with the UK using their common sizes (5/16) 8mm and 6mm for wfp.

I agree with Alex but you want a 5/8 OD from tap to RO. It needs all the pressure you can get.

go to McMaster.com and have a field day for whatever part you need. McMaster-Carr

The plumbing on that brush looks nice and clean. Definitely going to remember that configuration :slight_smile:

So you’re using a bypass with your pump to reduce pressure? How does that work with battery life, since the pump is running constantly? (or is it?) I need to do something to reduce pressure on my setup, but I’ve avoided a bypass because of this…

4 micro jets


IN the UK, 12 years ago I started using USA Raindrip PVC 3/16" 4mmID6mmOD hose as it was more flexible than the garden hose, then found the soft " silicon type" airline hose which is really flexible and stays flexible at low temps, I then put it onto a hose reel, perfect for me but at lower pressure achieved by using a simple by-pass.I also use 4 Hozelock ott micro irrigation pencil jets to reduce flow.

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Alex, I also use 35psi flojet pump and 8amp golf batteries which last 2 days. I also have a selection of other pumps up to 18 litres / min but rely on the 35psi

Sorry for the lack of clarity. Air and water hoses are typically measured by inside diameter (here, anyhow :wink: ). So I’m using 3/8" ID from the tap, 1/4" ID from reel to pole hose. The pole hose itself is measured by outer diameter, since its considered tubing, and uses John Guest push fittings, so that’s 5/16" OD (~3/16" ID).

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Hey Alex do you happen to have any pics of your setup to share? Thanks

Here’s a vid of my old setup. New setup not quite done yet.

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