What size pole for unger indoor system?

Hi…I am new to window cleaning and trying to decide on what size pole to get for indoor residental use…specificly for the Unger indoor system. I plan to use it on skylights and tough to reach windows. Thanks!

@John maybe you can give him the options available.

size matters, go long, go deep

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I used my 38 foot water fed pole today. I forgot to put my ettore 18’ pole. The pole that comes with the kit is basically worthless.

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I ike the 10 ft Stingray but I also use my Reach It Mini with the Speed Clean Kithttps://shopwindowcleaner.com/unger-stingray-indoor-cleaning-kit.html



Ya exactly just buy the pads, an use the poles you use for everyday window cleaning with the pad holder you have there

is the stingray worth the extra cost, compared to the speed clean kit?

I use the Mini with Speed Clean for high work.

I use an Unger 15ft pole with the Unger Speed Clean System, I use a window cleaner concentrate and mix up a spray bottle and spray the fluffy pad with the cleaner and then polish/dry using the polish pads. I use this same method for the exterior windows also which are slightly tinted glass so they get warm in direct sunlight, so try to do the windows in the earrly a.m. Also the there is an overhanging metal piece that makes it impossible to get a normal squeegee & wagtail under the overhanging, so the Unger Speed Clean System work very well. I do use a dry fluffy pad to remove some of the dust from the windows (exterior) before I clean them.
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One thing you need to keep in mind is that the Unger pad holder is euro-threaded and generally (maybe always) water-fed poles have euro tips. If you want to use a traditional window cleaning pole you need an acme threaded pad holder. WCR sells a reasonably good one at a good price.
I usually use either my spare wfp which is about 5’ closed or my Ettore 15’ which is about the same closed.