What soap for tinted windows?

I currently use Ungers easy glide as my main solvent (have not used it on tint yet). I am trying to land an account that has multiple tinted windows. Unger does not recommend using Easy Glide on tint.

What do use on tinted windows? Dawn?

Dawn! Use dawn everywhere even on tint.

[SIZE=5]Glass Gleam 3 [/SIZE]will do the trick. Solar film installers use it as well

So GG4 wont work??? What about Joy soap with bleach??

Joy soap NO bleach or scrubing beads just stright Dawn or Joy.

I have installed film in the past, the IWFA installers I know use dish soap and water to install and clean the film. Most use joy.

Both GG products are tint friendly and used by many tint installers.

And so is dawn. :smiley:


Let me get honest here. I have used gg3 and I liked it. Im just a tight ass and dont want to spend the extra money if dawn will do just as good. So I like them both but my pockets like dawn far better. I can go to Sams and get a gallon of dawn for $17.00 and thats will last me for a great while.:smiley:

With the dilution rate of GG3 if (and that’s a big if) Dawn is cheaper you’re talking pennies a gallon. You can’t be that cheap.:wink:

+1 Blue Dawn, great stuff.

I am, however, going to place an order for both GG3 and GG4 just to test 'em out. Anything that might help the process along and/or add to quality is worth a shot to me.