What TDS do you try to clean at?

Wow after 34 years with wfp and that was 10 years with only dawn in the water which left small dots on most windows . When I got to using DI then RO /DI it was a new ball game for us with 90% good results . Also a hog/hair nylon also helped with spotting. We tried for 0 at the di and ro under 30or less with 10 TDS the best, depending on wether and Age of R0 . The worst time is well water at 600 to 900 with rust too! You need to just about change all the filters and used distilled vinegar in the RO for 3 days then rinse it. This will clean it out with out using hash acid . I feel most problems is the silicone on the rubber during construction that last for years. Goof off or Bon Amie works well for most problems. Low pressure from the brush seems to do a better job too on homes too.

i like zero tds but have had success with 11 or so here.
our city water is around 180.
last year i had to replace ro and it alone brought the water down to 3/4, i cleaned with that disconnected di.
unfortunately at the end of the season i had a problem and my xero froze and i mean froze. the carbon/sed filter housing was totally shattered as was the carbon filter itself.
so far test seem to indicate the ro is still working although not as well.
i credit the stainless steel housing.

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0-10 tds, heard you can do up to 30 tds.