What the hell is this?

I think they sell these to people who think they have got it all figured out.

I’m in awe of the marketing. “IMPORTANT: These are professional quality poles made from aerospace aluminium not the cheap glass fibre poles that are likely to crack & break.


Yes, because Aluminum never cracks or breaks. Just ask any MTB rider…

Why is there a squeegee on the WFP head?

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59 sold?! :open_mouth::exploding_head:

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If I’m being charitable I’d like to see how this is used - maybe there exists a market where a customer uses such a tool and technique because window cleaners, resin, the cost of ladders is too expensive.

Would it be possible to get professional results? Maybe - I’d like to see a video. A professional would be able to do it but most people would cover the glass in streaks and water spatter. The one way this could work for an amateur is if they also used water from a rainwater collector.

If I’m not charitable then the buyer is cheap, is not capable of performing their own research and the most likely outcome is they try this gear on their high windows - it looks like crap - they find a victim which is what they always do - and the poor child/spouse/sibling has to figure out how to use this.