What to do with employees during winter?

I don’t want to lose my employees even though the workload is basically nonexistent during the winter. Have you guys come up with any clever strategies to get around this and solve this problem?

We have 2 months down in winter that we choose not to work. Most employees we have would prefer not to work during the winter and collect unemployment for the period.

By providing a positive environment, good pay structure with vacation/sick pay that increases each year if they come back helps to bring them back.

Most find they enjoy what we offer so they dont care to work with the style of management that is common locally.

Simply put respect.


^^^ Ditto ^^^

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Has been hard to get my mentality there but jhans is 100% correct.

I’ve floated teams over winter, lose of 7k and got in my way of thinking, planning and relaxing.

Tried getting work, only to reschedule due to freezing temps, so add 5 calls to the normal job.

Heard many buddies go into winter, with the “best” guy staying on for winter jobs. By the end of winter the best guy has either left or a change in attitude.

Climate would help with potential ideas.

Guy I used to 1099 for had his employee collect unemployment for a couple months.

Two of them draw unemployment. One works year round on route work.
Are they truly employees ?

I do more carpet cleaning and floor maintenance during the winter and I have been surprised to get several WC jobs the last several weeks. My employee’s hours will only drop about 15% or so. By Late March things should pick up.

Send them to AZ, we have more work than we can handle!
We need some good lift drivers & chair guys in January & February & March

What part of AZ?

Phoenix / Scottsdale.

Mostly commercial + high rise, boom lifts, scissor lifts, atrium lifts.

I’d be interested in commercial. How long do you need the help?

We need help at an airport + high rise condo complex Jan & Feb. Can you pass a background check? No Felonies?

You can contact me getmywindowsclean@gmail. We can chat.