What to do with your winter

What to do with your winter?

So Winter is here, and it is the slow season for most of us. When I first started my business 17 years ago, the winters brought endless dread. Over time though I began to love them.

I could finally take a break from the “hands on work” and get down to the “Business building work”. The fun stuff!

I realised over the years that the better I planned and organised the better my spring season would be. The more I focused the

Here is how I typically spend my winter in preparation for a great spring.

January Week 1 & 2 - Review and analyse the previous year. Pull reports on almost every metric we collected. Decide what worked and what didn’t. Review problems and frustrations.

January Week 3 & 4 - Use the data analysed in weeks 1 & 2 to plan and formulate goals & targets for the next year. Craft a new plan!

February - Start putting your plan into action! I like to classify my workload and systems into four categories. Marketing, Sales, Money, Operations. I find that I can make the most impact by focusing really hard on one area for predetermined amount of time.

February Week - 1 - Marketing Focus

February Week - 2 - Money Focus

February Week - 3 - Sales Focus

February Week - 4 - Operations Focus

February is also the month I would start running help wanted ads and holding interviews.

March Week - 1 - Final Marketing & Sales preparation

March Week - 2 - Crunch time, review everything handle last minute hiccups.

March Week - 3 - Go Time! - The first day of spring is when I like to have the first bits of marketing hitting our repeat customers.

​How about you? How do you spend your winters?


:point_up_2:Looks like my plan is set out!

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LOL mine too… it wont take me that many weeks though, Im just a small fish!

Thanks for sharing the information Chris!

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December - tail end of work
January - do taxes
February - annual vacation to hot climate place
March 1 - back to work


I was going to plow driveways but when I asked my mechanic if he would throw a plow on he asked me to plow for him as he has a contract with the town. So thats going to be my main income.

Otherwise I have a lot of work to do building my business. LOTS. I really really need that second truck on the road full time


I focus on my other services during the non-WC season: carpet cleaning, floor resurfacing, high overhead cleaning, shower stall HWS and roof snow removal (as soon as the Cut N Slide arrives).

I’m going to do what Chris is doing, except in Mexico…in Las Saladitas…after a session of catching long peeling lefts, after my belly is full’of true huevous rancheros and sopes… then I’ll probably crunch some numbers. Live to work, or work to live… that is the question. :sunny::slight_smile:

I’ve been in business for 20 years. Ive been growing the business from a one man operation to 6 guys in the past 5 yrs. I used to always work thru the winters as a 1 man operation. My first year and second year with employees I didnt know what to do in the winter, so I basically drove my family nuts. The past 2 years I looked into doing other businesses. THIS year, I’m going to plan to scale up 1 more van and an office/phone person and make 2017 AMAZING.

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Can you finish this sentence? I’m curious.

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ooopps thats weird. “the better more things ran like clockwork”

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Here in Canada winter shuts everything down residential wise.

For the past 5 years I have done the same thing each winter: contract to climb towers and buildings to change billboards. Im paid piece work and I absolutley love it. I work on my own schedule but of course have deadlines to respect. Every spring without fail I am torn deciding if I want to keep going or go back to my window cleaning biz. The thing about billboards is they don’t talk back :stuck_out_tongue:. Edit: forgot to mention I also snowblow driveways for a bunch of my window clients - stressfull business you never know when its going to snow and messes with sleep schedule. Wont be doing it again unless I did it full time. However the marketing is priceless. Everyone is out doing their driveways and I pull up in window cleaning truck and this is time and time again (160cm of snow so far over about 15 snowstorms) so I am building relationships with them all! Every now and then a car gets stuck and everyone cones together to give it a push. It’s funny when I mention doing window cleaning for them in the spring as dirty windows is the least of their worries when theres 2 feet of snow blocking them from being able to leave their house!

I am getting excited to kick things off again and start planning, as with every year I have new ideas for all aspects of running the biz. The main thing I want to acheive this year is having my own water tank/pump set up. No more worrying about customers tds or finding the spigot and running hoses. Super stoked.

If you read this far the main reason for my post: does anyone have any input as to taking a vacation at an all inclusive with the main reason being to rewrite business plan, systems, procedures and marketing ect ect. Has anyone done this? Im worried I would end up partying too much and not get anything done and just basically not have the right mindset to get down to business!


I also love the guideline Chris thanks for sharing. Motivational.

Write the business plan… take a drink… create the marketing… take a drink. hehe LoL!

Seriously, if you can schedule your business planning for the day, find a table poolside bring your laptop and your good to go… once happy hour hits, put your work away and party!

Wow. How do you land a gig like that? That sounds like a lot of fun :grinning:

I also do snow removal. I’m not as sick of it as I once was. I got about 1 hour of sleep last night, but I still like it for some reason, lol.

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Just curious now (in 2023), what do you guys do in the winter?

I feel winter should be the time to unwind and plan for the upcoming spring season.

Who here still works (storefronts, commercial, snow plowing or other work)?

Who takes off entirely and travels or does other stuff?

It’s 60 degrees here today and getting chilly, winter is around the corner lol.

I think I wanna try skiing this year. I snowboarded a couple times mainly cause I used to skate but never tried skiing.

In the winter I grow my storefront route even more.

I’m going to officially end power washing services the second week of thanksgiving and take care of a few end of season big cleans.

Holiday lights will go until the first week of December.

Then it’s time to enjoy the holiday season, light route days 2x/week until spring.


I go backpacking and kayak camping.
Jan. - Feb. I close up shop, plan long trips in the wilderness, then spend my time miles & miles away from any type of glass anything.


That sounds badass.

My parents have a house they airbnb in the poconos. Ima spend a lot of time there in the jacuzzi with a bottle of whiskey and cigars lol

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After this summer I am looking forward to getting a break from the 110F days and getting to recharge. It has been a tough yr with this heat. Just glad it s back into the 80s-90s.

Winters and late summer slow downs are a time for us to rest the body , travel and work on home projects . We still probably work 2 days a week , buts it’s not compared to busy season

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