What to get next?

Hi guys. New to the industry and forum but have been reading up for research as much as possible. Looking to head out and start canvassing for jobs in the next week or so. I guess my question is what would be your next tool of choice to get with these basics? I know I’m going to need a 18” channel, will probably get the super channel as I hear it goes well with the ninja handle and is great for store fronts.

14” Ninja
10” Unger ergo
6” Unger S Channel
6” stecone for sills
14” Unger t-bar
6” pulex t-bar
Steel wool
Plastic razors
Magic eraser
Paint can opener
Multi tool

I have replacement rubber put away that’s not in the photo. Any feed back would be much appreciated.


Definitely a pole, a ladder if you’re going to do residential, a bucket, some soap,



you have more than you need to start.


A 14” will help with most non commercial/storefront sized windows, especially residential. So don’t worry much on an 18” right away. Will an 18” make it easier? Yes, but not required when you start off, especially if money is tight.

Yes, see if you can get a ladder, or find a friend with one that is willing to part with it for a day. This can help in a cash crunch, and also let you see what you would want to buy. A pole is a great idea as well as many are not real expensive, unless you are wanting over a 15’ pole.

Practice a ton on your sliding door or shower door while you are trying to get business. This helps to keep the muscle memory fresh.

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Amen to getting out there and getting $$$. So you buy some things on credit. That’s it. No more credit until you’re profitable. Get out hustle.

Screen repair tools. Way more money per hour doing that.

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Thanks for the input guys. Much appreciated. Practiced today on my mother and father in-laws house then after I was done he says. “Here you go son this might come in handy. You can have this” what a champ. Now to order a 3 piece 15’ pole and practice practice practice.


Hey my man, you are well on your way with what you have now to do pretty much ANY single story residential/commercial. Let’s see…you got a ladder, perfect. Maybe a 4 foot step ladder (I love my 4 footer, I dont like using the 6-- too heavy)…

If you are doing commercial, I recommend a 20 inch ettore brass channel and a Ettore LEDGE-EZE handle. Also, a 22 inch wand. Will speed you up 20-30 percent compared to the sizes you have now, guaranteed-- once you learn how to control the 20.

Go out there and get yourself an account. MANY have started with LESS!!!

Good luck!!

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