What type of window cleaner are you?

  • Traditional only - I just need my squeegee and scrubber
  • Waterfed only - I’m a pure water purist
  • Hybrid - I’ll use whatever tool is best for the job
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I will use whatever tool is best for the job but also might switch to trad for a job or two just because I get tired of using wfp. You can get repetitive strain issues using either set of skills.

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Personally I think pure water does a better job overall than traditional, rubbers wear, there is always a chance of leaving streaks no matter how experienced you are there are always other factors that can cause errors, these can be touched up depending of the glass surface its likely that lint or just particles from the rag used to wipe the error will remain on the glass especially external windows.
If I could use pure water to clean internal windows I would but its not practice only on louver windows.

Until February I wasn’t 100% happy with pure water results as most if not all brushes would have trouble getting the 4 corners of the glass perfect, I mean it was probably good enough for most people but I like to give perfect results not like most window cleaners who post videos “near enough is good enough attitude”.
Using Pure water is faster, less energy/stress on your body and leaves better sparkling results, providing you are using the equipment and techniques that work.

After 27 years of being in this industry, having done every type of window cleaning you can imagine, from high rise to store front to huge CCUs, to schools, hospitals aged care facilities to industrial complexes to convention centres and everything in-between.

I see people posting videos on them using old style bushes with pencil jets having to lift off and rinse…
To me its like a tradie who chooses to use a screw driver over an impact driver. Its like 15 years ago when I was first introduced to WFP they were heavy fiberglass floppy poles with crappy brushes that did a half assed job. I hated them back then, but now with the rinse bars ant scrubby pad designs, Clean is now 100% clean.

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Great point of views and the length of time you have been in the business is impressive as you have seen a range of gadgets.

I am leaning towards the hybrid model myself.

What’s your go-to brush these days?

I use the articulated scrubber rinse bar tool that cannot be named here for most glass, if the frames are bad I will use a brush for the frames first, then come back with the scrubber rinse bar tool.

I have this monthly display house to trad it takes about an hour, to use a standard brush with pencil jets takes about 45 mins with the scrubber rinse bar tool its 15mins from set up to drive away.
Its just effortless and super fast with amazing results.


Wondering if that scrubber is faster than standard brush with rinse bar.

if im picking up what hes laying down, like any other tool, there are perfect types of jobs for it that the time savings are incredible. other jobs not so much of a difference and others its just not suited for, for one reason or other

Whatever it takes to do the job. I have both RO/DI and squeegees