What would you charge? (Basic Commercial pole work)

Hi friends, I’m 99.9% a residential guy. I need your commercial pricing wisdom please.

There’s a medical office that has about 100 panes all like this picture. I’d have to pole them all inside and out. Just mop and squeegee, no crazy obstructions, I was thinking of using 14” with a fliq pad. what do you think is fair pricing? Thanks!

200 outside only…I like the fliq pad but generally not for exterior because they don’t hold enough water and the original blue ones don’t have much scrub power. The new kind are much better in scrubbing and hols a little more water.

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Yeah, 200 outside only would be about right, maybe 400 in/out (depending on accessibility). I would quote it every 4 or 8 weeks outside only, every 12 weeks in/out.

I wouldn’t use a fliq pad. If your pole skills are on point, a regular mop and squeegee would rock right through that. Mop several windows, squeegee and move on.

If you have a wfp then it gets even easier depending on the system and water accessibility.

If you have a fill and go system, then oh man, you’ll fly right through it.

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I’d rank my pole work as basic still, since I am mainly residential. This will give me good practice if they accept.

Thanks fellas, that is super helpful!

Edit: I ended up bidding $2 per pane, per side, and the bid was accepted. Time to improve my pole work :v:

I’ve underbid plenty of these…

I would recommend figuring out how much time its going to take you and charge according to what you need hourly. I always charge a lil bit more for the first clean too. At first I did per pane pricing and I just seemed to shoot myself in the foot on the larger sites.

I use the wagtail slimline flipper with the pad run over the top for large panels, and started using the unger zero degree plenty too. Both are great. I like the wagtail highflyers too for pole work.

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I agree with you. It’s just that I feel like I probably won’t be able to get my same residential hourly rate and be competitive on commercial too. I guess I’ll see if I can knock it out fast enough to compare.

Thanks again guys :v: