What would you do?

So I recently posted about bidding a power washing job of a back alley w dog sized rats. Well I got the job and I’m here tonight, as I pull up I see a rat scurry off and I’m thinking ok one rat I can deal with it. About an hour and a half in as the neighborhood quieted down I turn around and see about 10 rats(some small and some were wearing size 13 timberlands)approaching me trying to get around me and my van to get to the yummy garbage. I freaked out!!! Blasting hot water in a 360 motion I wrapped up in 30 seconds and peeled out of there. I think ill go back at daybreak to finish up that is if the coast is clear…ewwwwwwwwww. Im dreading tomorrow’s phone call if I can’t get it done in the morning. Screw it I’m going back at 7am.

What you did.


Yea youll see less during the day… Take some photos for us!


Will do. Ill post them later today.

OK coach, put me in. I’'l wack & wag um for ya.:o I have a buddy Tom but he is busy with this Jerry guy checking out a van or something.

Just treat them like spiders and snakes: if they bite, bite back. If you don’t want to be bitten, bite them first. They’ll let the rest of the rat pack know that you bite first and ask questions never.

Bring a handful of snakes with you and let them loose when the rats come out.

Add Samuel Jackson to this gig and we got snakes on a “plain”

Yeah, something like this: