What would you have done?

I have a customer I was supposed to clean for tomorrow. Was going to do the job myself. This is his house:

He wanted to make sure I was done in less than 4 hours. I told him I didn’t want to make a promise I didn’t know I could keep.

Fortunately, he agreed to postpone it a week until I could get help and hopefully avoid the rain we’ve been having.

How would you have handled this? How long do you think it would take you? It’s a first time clean

I think you did the right thing. It’s hard to say how long. Probably more than 4 hours though.

I cant see it for some reason?

Thanks for the vote of confidence Brennon.

Did you put it in Bird’s eye and zoom in?

I think I would have done something similar. But I don’t think I would share my customer’s address in an online public forum, even if I thought it was unlikely to lead to anything bad happening. I can’t imagine most customers being happy to find their address like that.

Thanks Tony, I deleted it. Could you do the same Brennon?

Looks like a sweet house. I assume you’re talking about doing it Inside & Outside. If I have a customer who needs us to get the job done by a certain time so they can leave, we just do all of the inside windows and then let them go, then complete the outside windows. If they need the whole thing done in & out because people are coming over or something like that, then yeah I’d say you had no choice but to reschedule it until you can have help to do the whole thing.

im with bc, customers are usually good as long as you can get the inside done and then work on the outside after

A lot of times you will have screens and stuff to re-install after an in/out cleaning, forcing you to have to go back inside to finish when you’re done.

You could give them the option for “rush services” for an additional $$$$. I ended up offering something similar on my website. $300 Priority charge for a job that needs to be done with 48hrs notice or less. Unless I’m dead and don’t have to bring in help or do a lot of shuffling to make it happen.

Don’t let the customers rush you. If you can’t complete the whole thing in 4 hours then re-schedule. As far as that we will get the inside done and then you can leave, I don’t promise that either. Too many times we cannot get a screen back in, we left a drop cloth or step ladder inside the house, saw a streak or a dozen others things that we had had to drive back out for because the customer had us do the inside and then rushed away. I don’t require they stay there all day but they need to be home when we finish or else leave us access and we’ll lock up when we leave. We have some customers that we just have our own key at the shop or the gate/alarm code on the work order.