What would you put on a Yard Sign?

So I am looking into getting some yard signs made up, but which route would you take?

  1. Basic info like : WINDOW CLEANING, GUTTER CLEANING, POWER WASHING + a phone #…


  1. Howdy Doody Window Cleaning (w logo) - Power Washing - Gutter Cleaning - Great Rates - Fully Insured - Quality Guaranteed - Phone # - website

I don’t necessarily want a biz card look for a yard sign, I thought the more direct the better.
CLEAN WINDOWS (123)-456-7890

What do you guys think, or what have you had success with?

Around here those signs don’t work if you put them in nice neighbourhoods. They get stolen and not necessarily by competition. I literally saw a guy walk to the blvd and pull a sign out of the ground, I thought it’s his sign as I was coming up to the stop sign. But then he walks over to a tree and cuts a sign off that was strapped to it. Went to his car and put both signs in his trunk. I did a U turn and followed him a little bit and he pulled into a house around the corner. I guess he’s trying to clean up his neighbourhood.

A couple years ago in one of my good neighbourhoods during spring clean up season for lawn care, one a ton of nice 3 colour signs showed up all over. At 4 ways stops there was one for each stop sign, I must have saw 20 of them just in this little neighbourhood, the very next day I only saw one.

Now our city is trying to outlaw these signs calling them commercial graffiti but what about their own signs? Nope, they get a pass.

The only signs that really last around here are the little ones that are zipped to poles using a ladder so people can’t get to them. I’ve seen those corroplast signs last for 2 years. ALso, if you just put them in your customers yard they seem to stick around longer.

pm sent

They are all over utility poles up high around here. I think there is a difference between advertising via these signs, and spamming via these signs. Also want to use them for customers homes.

I have simple signs the size of realtor signs that Have the business name We Wash Windows and a phone number that I put out by the street in front of houses where we are working

How well are these signs working on the poles?

I have never seen good enough results come from these signs. I would definatley do
a “at the job” A frame sign. It can be bigger and be simple:

[COLOR=“DarkRed”]Do You Want Beautiful Clean
Windows Too?[/COLOR]


We use an 18" x 24" basic info, phone web site placed at end of street were on at the street sign taken with us at end of the day or job. the phone dosent get flooded with calls from them but some do come in, it keeps your name in front of people that otherwise might not see it

I’ve never done the little signs on poles but I see the same signs, two in particular, one for Eave cleaning and the other for Junk hauling, I’ve seen them for years now. If they didn’t work you’d think they would get sick of putting them up there. And on our news, when they were doing a story about banning these signs, they interviewed an Eave Cleaner, he said 40% of his business comes from them. But who knows.

Myself, I had ZERO jobs and all my signs went missing fast on the ground. $400 down the tubes about 10 years ago. Never tried them since.

Mine are elaborate. They go w/ my image/branding. Locally(the western side of the state), if they don’t know me, they know my truck. For me man it’s like poker… I’m all in

I just had some made locally. I have the 1st and 3rd lines larger to catch the eye…

I literally just got them so we’ll see how they go over. I decided since so many of the neighbors are at work when we do the job most don’t know we were there. So I hope to leave them in the yard for up to one week after the job.

Keep it simple. Make your phone # large. advertise your service’s.

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