What you can do during slow seasons

There are years and years of window cleaning information of all types on this forum not being used. Here is some information I found on what to do when during slow times.

The way I compiled it didn’t come out right when I just posted it so the PDF is attached to this post.

Data was provided by.pdf (294.6 KB)


Thanks for this info. Only 5% take time off and live off of profits? If we charged more, perhaps more could afford to do that and have an extended vacation.

Your site still says you charge $5 per window, or $3 exterior, $2 for interior?
I hope those aren’t your current residential prices, sir. I am triple that price as of 2022, and I am not in a wealthy market.

Just trying to encourage you not to sell your service for too little, or undervalue your hard work.

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What does your price per pane come to? “Window” can mean a lot of different things😂 I’m at about $12 for a double hung inside and out, $3 a pane.