What's been your experience with responsibid

I have been going back and forth about using it for the last two years. I took the plunge today and wanted to sign up but I got to the set up page and realized they want another 500 for the set up. Suddenly I’m back to being unsure lol.

Can anyone share their experience on how revolutionary responsibid is?

What makes you think it’s something you might need?

I have it imbedded on my website so people can fill out the form and
get an immediate estimate. Then it is set up to send automatic emails
(on my timing) until they go for it or not. It’s very handy. It is worth the money
and I am using it at a small percentage of it’s potential. I think I pay $120/ month
and it pays for itself, so I keep it. Some people do all their estimating through it, I do not.

yeah honestly I was going to go for it and pay the monthly fee but just the idea that they want to charge an ‘installation’ fee as well really made me reconsider. I wasn’t going to use it on the website (I don’t like the way it looks) but I wanted it more so for the quoting system

Matthew said it. It’s a game changer. For the looongest time I was on the $5/month intro plan years ago, until another cleaner told me that he gets jobs from people who have declined (long story). That sold me in it about 4 years ago and it’s been gangbusters ever since. Like Matthew said again, mine is set to do everything I want it to and I’m probably only using about 50% of what it’s capable of. I used to have to go look at jobs alll the time and I hated it cause it was a time suck. Now I look at maybe one out of every 18-20 jobs because it’s some lil ole lady who can’t figure out computers. All of my pricing is tacked into my settings for all of my services, and people get a price immediately. In this day and age where everything is 2 day shipping and food is delivered to your door in under an hour, people want and expect stuff immediately, and Responsibid does that for them. Keep in mind I only do residential, but there is a pricing matrix for commercial, too. Everything you could possibly want and more is in there, right down to follow up emails, review asks, appointment confirmations, etc. it’s crazy that it’s that good and only the price it is. It’ll pay for itself in 1 job after you pay the setup fee. Seriously. One of the big ways I use it to make money is I have my system set up to send out reminders as soon as I close a job in Jobber. What this does is it sends out email reminders at 3/6/12 months. People’s home care needs change with the season. I close out an invoice in April for a spring window cleaning, they get a reminder email 3 months later in June that lists my services (which are windows, gutters, housewashing, pressure washing, gutter brightening, screen repair), and they think oh, I need the patio pressure washed because we’re having a graduation party. They call, I book it. They get another email 6 months later and they look at the services and see oh, it’s fall, I need gutters cleaned. Then there’s the 12 month that reminds them the windows were cleaned a year ago and they say oh, it’s that time again, let me call and set up a booking to get the windows cleaned again. The intervals of emails you send out is fully customizable…doesn’t have to be 3/6/12…could be every 2 months, could be every 6 months. I’m not doing anything to look for work aside from spending $50 a month on AdWords Responsibid sends out the emails and the repeat clients call. That’s just one feature out of many. About the declined and getting jobs: the cleaner I spoke of has his system set up to where if a person declines for whatever reason, they get a “thank you for your time, please consider us in the future” email. Totally nice email to a customer you didn’t get. Turns out he was sending out those declined emails about every 6 months just to keep his name in the client’s head, and it worked. He said a couple of declines hired him because their previous cleaner disappeared (we’ve all heard that story before), and a couple of others weren’t happy with the cleaner they chose. They got the 6 month email asking how they are doing and if there’s anything they can do to help, and the client called and booked work. You can also add modules for ANY service. Not just window cleaning. There is blank modules where you start from scratch and fill out all the necessary info. There’s landscapers that use it, maids/cleaning services, dryer duct cleaners, and a ton of others. There is also a WCRA discount if you’re a member of that as well, but I don’t recall how much it is. If anyone has any questions let me know as I’m so stoked about it still and how well it works that I love to talk about it. If you’re on the fence I say go for it and give it 3 months for you to get settled in with it and see how it does. It attaches to your website very easily and you can get very “in the weeds” with it about how far you want to customize it. On a side note, every year Curt the owner hosts Responsicon in Arizona and it’s a 2-3 day event. It’s very fun, and you get to learn how to tweak the system, talk to other people using it and get ideas from them, and there’s also other industry leaders giving talks about it and how they use it in their business. You will learn sooo much by attending.

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I don’t think that’s where it’s real value lies…I think the value is in the automation aspect…No way would I pay the monthly fee just for a quoting system where I was inputting all the data…I can do it faster on paper and an email.

I guess thats where im a little confused on what to think because I already use the customer factor’s system to send automated emails… how does responsibid compare?

I’m not sure how they compare even though I have both. I am hesitant to rely on too much automated stuff, so I don’t do anything near what maussimo010 was taliking about. I only use the automated part of responsibid that sends out an email (or 2 or 3) after someone has gotten a bid but not committed yet. I haven’t used any automated stuff on CF. I use CF for keeping track of customers data and scheduling and for keeping track of expenses. I do reminder mailings too (not email) , and CF sorts all that .

Have a look at quoteflare.com I’ve been using it since 2016 I think

yeah I’ve taken a look at it and I’ll probably go with quoteflare for now. I honestly just need a quotes calculator to standardize my prices and make things easier with phone bids to be honest…

Responsibid looks cool but I’m not sure what the value is when you already have a front desk person and CF doing all the follow up stuff?