Whats the best hard water stain remover based on your stain situation?

I have tried alot of stain removers some work better than others. Some work better on certian stains.
SHower obscured glass - Glasstastic and a white pad or 000 steel wool I found works best
It works powder - on regular window glass with 000 steel wool
MDR - windows over 1 story with a pole and white pad
safe restore - in some situations. have to make sure tin side is in or there could be problems.
Some windows are so badley corroded I have to break out my SRP polisher.
There was a video thread showing the different cleaners in use which was good. Just wanted to get some more insight with diffrent staing and uses

The tin in the glass reacts w/ hydrofluoric acid like the kind in CC-550. SafeRestore has hydrochloric acid and it won’t cause Tin Etch Haze.
That aside it’s a good idea to have several types of removers on hand because every stain is unique. We carry BioClean, OneRestore (SafeRestore), and Slayer powder. However, for silica stains you only have 3 options - 1) CC-550, 2) Scratch removal system (Glass Renu would be my recommendation), or 3) replacement.
Number 1 carries the danger of TEH and serious health issues that can (in extreme cases) result in death. Number 3 is the most expensive.

Hey tony, what do you recommend for hard water that’s been building up for 30 years? I used ettor hard water removal and it seemed like it had literally no affect.

30 years. If its extreemley corroded you may have to machine it of with srp unit or glass renu.

Thirty years worth= Glass Renu.

You can try OneRestore but you are more likely looking at using a scratch removal system (Glass Renu).

Usually Safe Restore (One restore), and a few minutes with a foam pad and buffer and A-1, when a little cloudiness remains I have been using ABR and that clears it up pretty good, same pad and buffer. Only one time have I had to resort to sanding with Glass Renu and it was a fountain hitting glass 24-7 for many many years. The only times I have not been able to get the glass representable is when someone used an abbrasive pad and scratched the glass. Obviously there are degress of staining, the lighter the easier, bronze wool and powder…and go from there.

I mainly use One Restore, but for my last job I tried out the Nano Ultra samples from MWWCC in Iowa. Hint hint - I made $150 pure profit from one Nano Ultra sample pack from the convention. My review of the Nano is that the stain remover works fairly good, there were only a few small parts that needed a second run. I chocked this up to my first time using the product, and it definately needed a little more elbow grease than say One Restore. But I was overall impressed with the results, I then applied the Step 2 of the nano. I’ve tried A1,MDR, and the ettore on other stuff, but didnt go so well.

OK so from what everyone says ill go with glass renu, now is that a product I just apply or do I buff it in or what?

Glass Renu is a scratch removal system. Nano Ultra and the other products mentioned are stain removal chemicals.

Using the GlassRenu System you will be buffing the glass. Click on this link and you will see an acid-etch demonstration. Acid-etch creates stains that are more severe than regular hard-water staining, and are very comparable to each other since they bake themselves into the glass. The demonstration is at the bottom of the page.

Glass Renu scratch removal machine