Whats the best setup for employees?

I’m getting some high school friends to help with labour work for window cleaning this summer. I feel that purchasing a WFP with a tank setup will be best for employees, but im not sure where to look and what to get. I want a fairly cheap setup, any recs?

Thanks so much for replying your advice really helps!

  1. I’ve been cleaning windows for a year now I started last spring and have only used traditional window cleaning equipment.
  2. I feel waterfed pole is the best choice because it can be easier to learn and teach to employees and it’s consistent with cleaning as well as efficient. If there are any jobs I feel should be done with traditional cleaning (smaller 1 story bungalow) I will just do them myself or maybe my business partner.
  3. I plan on having my guys doing exterior only. If someone is interested in Interior cleaning the price will be a good amount more and I will do it myself.
  4. Last summer I started in the summer as a side gig but this year I’m very determined to get much more serious with the business with a new business partner who is also serious about this stuff.
  5. I plan on cleaning residential homes only. The average house will likely be 2 story.
  6. I use Canadian currency and my budget
    Would be $3k-Max$4K ( 3 stage system probably)

I think a Xero Pure with a 30’ Xero basic pole should cover you well then, that should keep it well within budget. You could contact the WCR reps too, they would also help steer you without trying to oversell you something.

Just a thought about outsides only and waterfed on the initial residential cleaning…

  1. Sometimes the insides are smeared but it doesn’t become apparent until the outside gets cleaned, which means your guys will need you there to clean inside, if that is your plan. Cleaning outside-only can be really fast if you don’t have to remove the screens from within, but cleaning 50% of their glass is not always the best result for achieving customer satisfaction.

  2. Waterfed is really amazing, especially for French panes and hard-to-reach stuff, but I don’t like using it for the initial cleaning because sometimes the glass needs to be razored or silicone needs to be removed, nose to glass allows that.

This is just one guy’s thoughts though, others are doing just outsides and it’s working for them, a few others might share their own point of view soon too. I hope everything is a success for you!

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