What's the best way to clean double glazed windows in cucumber?

I have a quote to do next week in regards to 4 cabins that need CCU. They have double glazing. Some windows apparently are 6 metres high! I need to know what is the best method of cleaning these types of windows? Can I use a scraper? Are double glazed normally inside or both sides?
Do the prices go higher for these windows in CCU?
Thanks everyone who can help, really appreciate it. :sunglasses:
Lol just realised that cucumber showed up in the headline. I typed ccu and the abbreviation came through as cucumber… My apologies.


I charge based on what my time is worth and then add in the risk of the glass you could damage. GET A SCRATCH WAIVER SIGNED. Or they blame u for all the damage

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How would you normally clean ccu double glazed windows?
What solution do you use and what do you use to remove glue, stickers, tape and render etc?


Bronze wool and oven cleaner, I’ve had to use that when dealing with easily scratched Windows.

Takes more than double the time, so I would charge 3x or more my standard rate per window.

And get a scratch waiver signed!

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It does go real slow. Oil flow for stickers is good. Lots of fresh razor blades and steel or bronze wool.