Whats this white gunk

hey guys whats this stuff on the window …wont come off with tbar or wfp but it will with finger… so i guess its finger washing!..what do I USE TO REMOVE THIS STUFF… EXCEPT MY FINGER… THX

Looks like some hard water to me. Just use some fine steel wool, bronze wool or even a white scrub pad would probably work. If you don’t like abrasive cleaners you can try bio clean, one restore or MDR but I’d just quickly remove it with some steel wool.

Your not going to rub off hard water stains with your finger…
Just say’n

Mineral deposits from runoff on the frames, whatever. Removal process is still going to be along the same lines.

I have run into something simular, but not the whole window. We figured out that it was the result after the home was power washed. They may have used some chemical that dried in the sun. We had to rub out the marks with a towel vigorously until it created some heat to remove.

In fact, I had a job similar to that but not as bad on a big commercial job. A dry huck towel on a Unger clamp buffed it out but that took time. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Honestly, I think it is some type of chemical residue.

Hard water staining does not wipe off.

thx guys appreciate the help…


Looks like a soap/chemical cleaner residue to me …For sure not Hard water staining!

Try a microfiber towel wet it with a mixture of H20 and Denatured alcohol equal amounts, do a small test spot in a corner

The alcohol should cut it. Then clean like normal.

I hope this helps.

I get this all the time on windows that haven’t been cleaned in a long time. Wet with scrubber and then use 6’ scraper.

Were there aluminum screens on the window?

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We see this a lot out in the Midwest too, just comes down to wind, dirt, rain repeat year after year. I like to call it “Neglect” and let the customer see why a regular maintained home should include cleaning the windows to prevent such a mess.

Take some steel wool, unroll it and place it on an 18" T bar, squirt some ecover on it and scrub the window down. It will save you a ton of time and energy, rinse with pure water and inspect it to make sure you got everything. Repeat if necassary.

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If it’s aluminum oxidation CC550 will melt it like a hot knife through butter. Use ppe and test for the tin side in a corner.

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no screens on windows…thx

The quickest & most definite way ↑

tried the scraper but no avail…plus most windows are about 45 feet high… any ideas guys…thx

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That was oxidation that I had to clean with steel wool because I didnt have any acid on hand. Try one restore or cc550. If that doesnt work, clean it, scrub with steel wool then clean again

Yes it’s oxidized aluminum runoff from the frames, Cc550 will take it right off. I’ve seen the same thing on residential windows you showed in the video. If you don’t have any experience with 550 read up on it and follow proper procedures.

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