What's Up with the Sun?

So many times I’ll clean a pane so that it is absolutely spotless and then comes the sun. At a certain angle it will show that same clean pane to look smudgy and dirty.

What’s up with the sunshine making a clean pane look so dirty?

Are you using a clean applicator, professional solution and a squeegee?

Yes, I sure am. I use Dazzle. The thing is, is that the window looks so clean until a few minutes later the sun shines through and you see all this cloudiness and dirt. frustrating.

Is this with every window or is this one house you cleaned? Is it possible the seal on the window could be shot and there is moisture between the pains?

It’s a film on the [U]outside[/U] and can only be seen on westside windows when the sun is low in the sky. In the morning, the same window will look absolutely clean. Try it. Wait until about 4:30-5:30 and look at a west facing window. The sun will show the dirt.

Hey Bozz-Man…

Lets say you re-cleaned the windows and you re-checked them and you saw the same exact smuges and smears. Then that would mean that the imperfection are inbetween the thermal pane. A factory screw up.

A lot of times when the seals fail you don’t always see moisture but you may see ghost prints that the factory left behind. Or even on new glass it happens for time to time !

If it is external tinting then the tinting is failing and showing defects ! Or the glass could be etched, but I would think it was between the thermal pane !


If it is a film have you used a degreaser like Simple Green. Sometimes our regular cleaning solution won’t remove all the film. Try one spray of Simple Green on the window then work it in w/ you applicator and normal solution, then squeegee and detail.

Aside From the broken seal situations that others have mentioned, You really have to watch detailing. Lots of glass will “catch” some residue from even a clean rag if you try to wipe off a missed squeegee line, wet towel mark, etc… When the sun shines through the glass, You can see all of your rag marks.
For those windows in the sun(I guess for all of them, now that I’m thinking about it) ALWAYS can sure you get a solid squeegee pull/fan the first time to avoid Having to touch the rag in the middle of the glass. I know I know, Sometimes it unavoidable(Moving quick), but for the most part your better off re-wetting and squeegeeing again.

Not if it was properly cleaned.

Perhaps it’s not “dirt.”

That can be caused by several different things, most of the time with us it is stuff between the panes of glass.