Whats your 20?

Do you rock a home office or do you work out of a place other than your home?

If you do work out of your home do you intend to forever?

I’m going to (at some point) work out of an office type setup. It’ll probably be more of a shop/office arrangement but something other than the home.

Im stayin home! It keeps my overhead down. More profits in my pocket. If I have to meet with someone there is always Starbucks.

what Tony said, a office/work shop…maybe near the beach so I can surf more :smiley:


I’m staying home if I stick with my current lines of business. If I grow to a crew or two, I have have the land to put up a building for storage of vehicles, tools, materials. If I can afford to rent office space, garages space and storage space, I can afford to build. If we ever sell our place, such buildings are big time attractive to those with northwoods toys; boats, snowmobiles, ATVs, etc.


Do you have employees?

My office will be a home office… and in some place warm (for my other business)

As for window cleaning, I work from the house… in the cold :mad:

Yes, its family though but I use my garage as a meeting place.

For about 20 years our “office” was in my in-laws home and the ladders were stored in a storage shed. Great place for my wife to work and the kids always got to see their grand parents. About two years ago we moved into a office/warehouse. The office is about 200sf. and the warehouse is about 800sq. just enough to do what we need to but it’s getting a bit cramped. We are now thinking of wither building our own office complex or moving into a bigger house with office space. still on the fence about moving again. I hate moving…office or home, they both suck! Its hard for me to work from home. to many distractions.

Out of the home. I’m trying to expand and spending more money on rent isn’t feasible for me right now. Maybe soon though.

Home office here and love it.

Rockin’ the homestead.

Until I have more going this suits my needs. But in the future I plan to have a Shop set up with a All County flavor.

I work from home. I would like an office, my 1st choice would be a nice old gas station that I can park a couple of trucks in and have road signs up. But I have a customer who owns a floor install company an he pulls in big cash. He has a great set up. 18 acres and around the back, he has a large garage that he keeps everything at. He told me, every morning, employees show up, pick up their trucks and schedule. Really nice set up as it’s out of sight of everyone. One part of me likes that, cause it’s a low overhead. But another part of me likes having a main road business. But really don’t matter yet as I am no where near being able to acheive either of these. lol.