What's your basic pitch to potential storefront clients?

First, I can say that having run another type of mobile service business, it never pays to talk to flunkies or underlings. Don’t even waste your time. You’ll sit there explaining what you do to them and the advantages of using your service, then said flunkie, who wanted to come off as being in charge, is going to poke his head into the office of the person who is actually in charge and say “Some guy wants to wash the windows.” too which the eternal reply will be “We have a guy who comes by and does that.”, right. So find the boss to begin with. If they aren’t there, come back later.

I should note I used to work in sales and people like me plus I have some natural talent at this. i’m good at talking to people in the way they talk to themselves in their heads. I usually say “I’m Jeff from Defeat Dirty Harry Window Washing and we’re expanding in this area. I noticed your windows could maybe use a little TLC.” Oh, and I ALWAYS walk in carrying a squeegee and sometimes even a towel tucked into my belt. You look like you’re either ready for work or you’ve been doing some work.

BTW, I never lie to them. They may be the third customer I’ve ever spoken to, this may be the first window I ever washed. You ARE a window washer, and you ARE expanding in that area.

So what’s your pitch? Share with us, even verbatim if you like. Thanks!

I have a D.S.P. (Dollar Set Point) for my storefront marketing.
If a storefront falls below my D.S.P., I feel it’s not worth my time to find the money person to talk them into cleaning their windows.
I will walk to the registrar, hand who ever is behind the register my flier with card attached and say:
"Have you noticed you have dirty windows?
( slight pause)
We clean dirty windows.
Here is a free estimate for you.
Give us a call when you want them clean"
Turn and head to the next storefront.
If it’s OVER the D.S.P,
THEN I ask for the money person and turn on my sales mode.
I guess this works for me. Cuz I get a average of 2-3% conversion rate.

** Belief Systems Are Fragile Things. How Will You React When Your Reality Suddenly Ceases To Exist?
Cleaning Windows is Just MyJob, Not My Life…
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You want your windows cleaned or what? Be a shame if something happened to your shop, hear what I’m sayin over here over there?

Prospecting Storefront Managers

Either we can clean them today, or break them Tommorrow it’s up to you

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[I]We have two ways to make your glass look like it’s not there.[/I] I’m a nice guy,… we’re a nice company , Today only I’ll offer you a “free” choice, one that wont shatter your budget.

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I usually say I’m in the neighborhood, either cleaning windows, or just out, giving window cleaning quotes. Hand them a card and say i was hoping I could leave my card with you as well. If you are in need of any window cleaning I can give you a quote. If they say decision maker is busy or out I let them know I’ll be in the area for a little bit longer and I can swing back over if the give me a call in the next 30 min… Very relaxed, easy approach.

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Mafioso window cleaning.
Get ur windows cleaned or youse will be sleeping with da strip warshers!!

** Belief Systems Are Fragile Things. How Will You React When Your Reality Suddenly Ceases To Exist?
Cleaning Windows is Just MyJob, Not My Life…
~ Pompous Basterd

If the windows are dirty, clean the middle one for free in and out. I have picked up most of my storefront accounts this way

What is your conversion rate with this approach? (Sounds pretty genius to me)

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I go in and tell them the district manager hired us for their location and to bill them…Oh wait …that’s FISH! Happened I two of our accounts. Fortunately it didn’t go anywhere.

You have to find what works for you. What feels natural. I’m kind of partial to the tuxedo outfit and tap dancing.

about 70%. Most storefront customers don’t see dirty windows because they don’t get dirty overnight. After I clean the middle window, almost every customer says, “wow, I didn’t realize they were that dirty.”

Nice…I may have to “borrow” that next time I go out for storefront sales!

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If the windows manager is not in and you’re only dealing with some drone who doesn’t make decisions, I sometimes clean the smallest outside pane they have, then ask them to have the boss check that out. Then a triumphant “I’ll be back to talk to him tomorrow.” It takes just a second, and that way the work itself gets to do some of the talking.

That is an absolute great idea. Gold right there. I’ve heard enough “Oh wow, I can see now” to know…they just don’t realize how bad it is until you SHOW them. What better way to possibly gain business, for just a few minutes of your time. Not only that, if you leave the quote after you do it…not only will they see the quote, they will see that ONE window being clean. It will drive them mad! lol good stuff, bumblebee.

My favorite question from these people is “Do you use a squeegee?” …Nah, I throw a stick at it and POOF it’s clean…

Yeah, but there’s more windows than you can shake a stick at.

I’ve got a ton of people asking if I use ammonia. Weird.

Maybe they like the smell of urine… :cool:

I don’t clean anything for free…

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