Whats your price for this commercial account?

So I already bid and got the job, started it today (Monday) going to finish it tomorrow, they needed it done by Wednesday. I don’t do very much commercial and have recently lost some potential accounts due to being underbid, so I went sort of low on this one, at least I think I did. I’m just curious what you guys would charge.
Its a store front, Dicks Sporting Goods, and another section of the same store which is called Field and Stream.
Dicks has 50 panes in the front first set of windows, go through those doors and theres another set with 38 panes (12 panes outside are higher up on a flat overhang) then the Field and Stream part of the store has 32 panes that are close to 40 feet high, my 32 foot ladder barely reaches the top window fully extended, and another 74 panes (2 sets of glass like the other part of the store)
Total of 194 panes. Inside and out.
Whats your price? Sorry I haven’t taken any pics yet

Need a pic. What happened with that two building estimate two hours away?