When customers ask for best price

“Hello we are good to go. Please try to give the best price possible.”

Above is a text I just got after I scheduled a job. My per pane and window pricing, also hard water stain removal landed me on $818. I could knock of a few bucks and make it $800 or something but why would I?

The price landed me on $818 lol. I’m just wondering how some of you handle these types of scenarios where you give the price and they ask for your “best price” as he says. Do you fold and discount it a bit or say something crafty and stick with your pricing?

If you fold then by how much? I probably will tell him this is my best price possible cause I don’t want to do hard water removal on frenchies for any less lol.

It just annoys me when people say this.

How’s “Hi xxxx, this is our best possible price. We always strive to be clear and fair with our pricing. It is X per pane and 2X per pane for hard water stain removal - which is how we arrived at the quoted price. We can lower the price if you decide to exclude certain windows from cleaning, otherwise we will see you on Wednesday of next week for the quoted price.”

How’s that? :wink:

Although Idk if I can stand my ground on some of the bigger jobs like $1.4k + lol

Frustrating to hear those words after they book.
Have you figured if you’ll make your typical hourly rate on this job?
And how booked ahead are you?

If you are staying booked ahead and reasonably expect the same average paying work to keep coming, then your time can be spent on that instead. Unless, of course, this job is higher than typical pay.

I’ve starting pricing the occasional storefront calls as high as my residential using this same reasoning. Very few storefronts go for my price, I don’t mind that though. There are only so many hours in a day. If decent paying work is coming in regularly, no reason to give away your time for a lower amount to someone else. Just my thinking though.


just ignore it, usual mind game if you bite, if you bite and you waffle that signals to them youre not confident in your price, theyre may just keep pushing to find where your bottom is

(or they may just suggest can you do it for x instead? and then you decide if its an insult amount or a reasonable request you can accomodate to show goodwill for a working relationship)

if they ask again, “yes thats my best price” and then you have to do a dog and pony show of how involved everything is (think construction contractor: we gotta take out this wall then run new pipes, the product is hard to get . . . . youre actually getting a good deal)

also she booked it so she already agreed, do you hire a vendor on your home after hes given you a price for service and then pull that?

in the end if you dont get the job for sticking to your price, it may not have been a person you want to deal with anyway and may save yourself from a lot of grief

just some things to consider


Don’t make it a stupid price like $818… that is just random gibberish… if I did my quote and it came to $818… I would just put it at $849 or $879 because it looks better and who doesn’t want some wiggle room in case it’s a pain…

That’s the route I wound up taking, and keeping the job at the original price. I explained it’s the best price given the scope of work (the difficulty of it) but he can choose to exclude certain windows for a reduced cost. He said sounds good thanks for explaining.

I think it’s more of a mind game than anything as you say. I won this battle lol but I guess my question was more aimed at these types of scenarios overall, do you guys buckle or hold or its depends… since this will always be brought up from time to time from customers.

But I think I figured out how best to approach it. Gotta have that ace up your sleeve.

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I have 1 storefront left that I service.

Gonna pull the plug on it November or December and be done with stores all together!

I had an estimate where it totalled something like $852. I told him it was $852 he said “last time I had it done it was $700, what’s your best price” I said “$852” he said “how much would it be if we paid cash?” I said “it would be $852”.

He booked.


I will sometimes say “we’ve mailed out thousands of postcards with a $25 coupon, I’ll give you one of those”

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Because $818 was the total for the work. Rounding up to $849 seems like fake price, $818 sounds like a real price.


Another one of my weaknesses… when they say “what if i pay cash”

Define fake price? Cause the last time I checked we decide the price of things and just because there is 24 windows at $15/window and it comes to $360… what if it hadn’t been done ever and it’s wicked gross? Or they were an annoying person and seem hard to deal with? If you’re ok spending 4 hours at a $360 ticket then more power to ya, I wanna be gone in 3 hours and make $429 on that job.


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You could reply “It won’t be any extra if you pay cash” and then smile.


“First cleans are always full price. If you would like to do quarterly cleans going forward it will be X% discount. See you on “agreed upon day”.”


Glad I didn’t budge on the price cause I should’ve charged more lol

And this is why my pricing is a bit higher than the actual window count… there’s always something that’ll take 20 minutes here or 5 extra minutes there…

Plus, if you’ve ever read a book on sales you would know that your prices have to look good for people to buy.

But hey, we all make $999/hour and scoff at the price of rubbers and make every tool last as long as a career politician so we can save a few bucks.

More money would be nice but this tiredness isn’t it.

So beat after this, I should probably just stick to regular cleaning :skull:

Well Sir in this situation I am the with all the liability. You are asking me to cheat and lie to the government and if I was willing to do that I would be will to cheat and lie to my customers. Also, running everything through the business helps me analyze my own numbers and to obtain loans for vehicles etc

Unless you want to go down the road of raking in cash don’t bite. I know multiple people taking home 50-200k in cash or at least they use to.