When Does Gutter Cleaning Season Start for you?

We start officially in October, but may do a few in Sept if it is slow. We try to avoid summer gutter cleaning so we can get all the window cleaning jobs done.

We have already started prepping our equipment this week so that we are ready to go. Last October I timed the postcards to hit on a rainy day and the phone was ringing off the hook. We were solidly booked for October in a matter of days. I am going to try and make that happen again, rain permitting.

What are charging For Gutter Cleaning?

I’ll clean gutters whenever people request. But if they call late September into October I suggest they may want to consider waiting until early November when most all the leaves have fallen for the season.

It depends on the size of the home but i charge on how long I think the job will take and charge them by the hour… not by feet or sections of the

My gutter season starts in fall

Always have equipment to clean gutters and clean throughout the year. The gutter season typically starts in November. Last year it was November 18th. The good and bad thing is it gets dark by 5 so can’t at least there’s an end time. Even the 24’ ladder gets heavy after 9 or 10 hours nonstop.

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i had 3 last week. i think as they trickle in i will book them at the end of the day. i hate finishing a day early and not having anything to do. a quick gutter job to finish the day makes my wallet happy.

I can’t wait for gutter season …lllllllllllllllets get readyyyyyyyyyy to guttttttttterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cleannnnnnnnnn …like the great Micheal Buffer says.

I am using google adwords to post a gutter cleaning ad from now until the season is over (or unless I get too busy). Just booked a job this morning from my ad.

You can use statcounter or google analytics to track how many people are going to your website by clicking the ad. Of course, adwords gives you data on number of clicks, but with statcounter/google analytics you can see if they really explored your site.

Both jobs I have scheduled recently used my instant booking feature BTW. Soo easy… of course I still have to show up and do the job - haven’t figured out a way to automate that yet :slight_smile:

Never really stops for us, we always have a big spike in May and July with gutters, but the real “season” starts whenever the rain comes. Typically that is middle of November.

We should surpass 2011 gutters sales before Nov 1st this year.

November 1- 15th is usually the start date for us…

After the leaves have all fallen. Mid to late Oct?