When u change resin in DI tank

I started using my DI tank more and more recently. Tap water on average here is 40-55 tds, so i have a lot of use from one cubic ft. Question is: when tds reading form the tank start going up, does go up fast? I start seeing some 001 readings, and i wonder if i should order some new resin now and keep it in the garage in case tds will go up fast.

Hope my question make sense

Whats your average tds reading when u change resin? From what i was reading here, it looks like safe bet is around 007-010

I change my resina as soon as it hits 1. It can go from 1-15 in a matter of minutes and then you have to got back and re-do soe windows.

I get a new tank as soon as I see anything on my meeter.

the TDS can shoot up very fast. Get your self some ordered and be ready to change it. Personally, I have very high TDS, around 500-600 ppm. So I wait till my DI hits about 008. But, I have to use a 4 stage. Must be nice to have TDS 40-55 out of the tap the same as a bottled water :slight_smile: