Where Are My Highrise Homies At?

What’s the latest and greatest equipment in high rise these days? Please link if you can!

I’d love to know your feedback on all the gear - descenders, harnesses, rope, and anything else you want to mention.

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I don’t do highrise work, we don’t have that stuff nearby. However, I have used rope access gear for some work.

I have been loving Petzl’s ID descender. The anti-panic is a bit different at first, but you get used to the finesse to use. Their AVAO harness is a bit different with the croll in the center. Clipping in with the croll is a little different but not having another dangling tool goes a long way when you are not suspended in the air. The last job with rope access had us working in a 4’ tube and equipment that dangled got caught easily.

Sterling and Petzl static rope (low stretch) always does seem to last a long time in my experience. Not that rope is designed to last too long with the environmental factors and all. Edelrid’s static ropes are ones I have used but low experience. They do seem to stretch more than Sterling and Petzl and don’t seem to be as durable.

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