Where are you?

I was wondering? I’m in touch with a national maintenance company. Who contacts me about work outside my area. They are legit as I have already done a fashion bug and paid in full within 30 day’s. Then they needed me to do 2 CVS drugstores, but they were 2 hours away, one way. I had to charge them for those 4 hours and mileage and it made my price to much.
SO, where are you located? Maybe I can send an occasional job or more your way.
I’m located in the Columbus Ohio area. I moved from Parkersburg WV around a year ago. So far they are calling about jobs in these two states. I could tell them I have extended my coverage to X, X, X, who knows.

Thanks for your intro’s
Chris Cassidy
Clearview Window & Blind Cleaning

Anything in North Bay Ontario Canada? lol just kidding!

Sorry nothing as of yet. They have regional offices in NJ, which is the corporate office (the one I deal with), and regional offices in CT, AZ, CA, and WA. Funny thing- after I posted this they called me asking me when I was going to schedule the Fashion Bug again. They want it every other month. I was hoping I could round up some CVS’s in my area and share the rest.

What they do is e-mail me a work order. I take it to the store get a manager stamp and signature, e-mail it back and then “show me de-money” I dont even know how they found me. The fashion bug is 40 minutes from where I used to live, right now I am doing it just to keep my foot in the door. It’s in Ravenswood WV.
Can you imagine being responsible to make sure that entire national chains are cared for???

Hey Chris… we are in NJ and do a handful of those stores. I would always like more…


I’m located in NW Indiana, not too far from Chicago, South Bend, and Valparaiso. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Hey guy’s shot me an email and we’ll talk more about the details. [email protected]

Thanks, Chris Cassidy

hey chris, certainly could use help here in the Milwaukee, WI area. I will shoot you an email

anything in sw PA? (pittsburgh)

east tn here. thanks.

[SIZE=“5”][B][FONT=“Fixedsys”]Don’t Forget the Okies!!![/FONT][/B][/SIZE]

[SIZE=“3”]I am in OKC (aka… Oklahoma City)

As the leaves start to fall I start to think more and more about commercial.[/SIZE]

I’m in Maryland … plenty of CVS’s here if you want to “extend your area”!

Cover san diego and orange county California work for several maintance companys for years. if you ever nedd anything done email .

How much are you guys getting per store (CVS) ?
I know is a volume (or maybe not) thing, if you don’t wanna shoot numbers in public PM.

I have one really close to my house and the GM is a freind of my wife, I’d like to see her but with some learned facts at least.


PS: I’m in Katy,TX (Houston)

I just looked CVS up in our system. We do 5 of them, some on and off (no contract)

They range in price from $20 - $125. I was reading the notes and some of the locations said by store policy they aren’t allowed to spend $ on Window Cleaning. Apparently the store managers were coding it as something different so they could get it done. They all pay cash.

I’ve had customers pay out of their own pocket for window cleaning.

DeWitt, Michigan which is around Lansing area if you have anything in this area i’d be glad to check it out. Thanks

is kinda weird but I’ve seen employees paying from their pockets.
Last Saturday I went to clean a bank that I do monthly I/O for $173 and saw the ladies in there trying to change 2 bulbs with a bulb changer in a pole and they were making a mess, and I said " DO you want me to do it?". Move ladder and made $10 in 1 min. They gave me money and I said no, that fine, but they insisted and I’m weak.

That means $600/hr ??? :eek:

No; that means $10/that one isolated minute.

Thank you for kill my dream ! :mad:

I know you’ll find a better one, Carlos!