Where can I find filters for this setup?

I apologize for the picture quality but if you zoom in you should be able to see what I’m getting at. I acquired this system a while back but I need to rebuild it. I need to find a place where I can buy these filters and fittings, but filters are first. I’m in the San Diego area so if anyone knows someone relatively close who can help me with this or will be greatly appreciated.

Pure water or what? Do what do you want in those filter housings?

I don’t understand what you’re asking, with all due respect. I just want to know where I can find replacements so I can get this functioning properly. The last time I ran it was off of hose pressure andit was way too weak. I fugue I’d start with the filters then replace the fittings and go from there. Do you know a place?

Sorry. Are you wanting DI, charcoal, or RO filters? What type of filtration do you want was my point. This site has a good selection, you may have a locaL supply house if you’re in a metro area. Hard to measure in the picture, but one looks like a 10x4 and the other looks like a 20x4 size

No worries, man. I just want to replace them all with new filters that work



I can get you those filters.

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