Where can I get T-shirts?

Where is a good place to get custom shirts? Any good yet cheap online stores? I recently stopped going to my regular guy cuz he gave me a messed up shirt knowingly. The letters were all peeling off! I ordered six and when he was putting them in a bag for me, he put all of them in with my company name facing up, except for the one that was messed up. He folded it right infront of my face too! He was in a hurry and didnt care.

my local guy does shirts up to xl for $5.75 a piece screened, nice work too!

A friend of mine does my graphics for everything like my shirts and biz cards. If you want I can get you his e-mail address.

I don’t know in cali but I do know if you bring your own t’s they will normally give you a better price on the screen printing. Everyone here marks up the price if they have to order them. I do have a lady that does some really nice embrodery here. She can do any logo. not bad price either. she just needs a good quality image to work off.

i just reordered a bunch of stuff, well final order is due tommorrow morn. i am getting hoodie’s with screened graphic for $19 a piece 10.5oz, t’s for $5.49 a piece with screened graphics and long sleeve t’s for $7

If anyone needs a # let me know, or if you want to buy a U.S.I Window Washing t-shirt, long sleeve t, or hoodie…haha

sure, thanks.

Those sound like good prices. I will take a number, thanks. I will see what they can offer me.

I might as well post it on here, no biggie, Rollie Kitt 1-800-970-7907 or cell

Her you go: [email protected]

Josh man hook it up! Ill swap you your choice or red or blue crisp brand new acwc hoodie…

you want a hoodie? what size. i order tom. so reply quickly…lol


The best place is CAFE PRESS.COM you can make everything for your company there.

Sweet, just ordered me up a bushel of CVG Windowcleaning thongs.

Just as an FYI to all, I used to be in the graphic design game and offer logo design etc. on the side for small businesses. I also own a machine that cuts vinyl for truck lettering.

I know it may sound lame, but Vista.print, as annoying as they are with their email marketing and advertisements has decent prices on their t-shirts. The drawback to Cafepress.com, Vistaprint and the myriad other “design your own business card-stationary-tshirt” websites is that they only print on the tshirt. It looks and wears significantly different than screen printing.