Where did you get you magnetic vehicle sign?

I’ve been looking a buildasign.com. Like the size of them 24" x 12" Don’t like the size of vistaprint’s. I can get 3 for around 90 buck. Just wondering where you got yours at? How was the quality? Price?

Got mine from a local guy. He gave me a deal to keep my biz off the web. I think I only paid $30 for a pair and I got 8 pair. It was one of those the more you buy the better the discount kind of deal.

Hey Justin,

You know Vistaprint offers the 17x11 size? Sometimes they only show the smaller 11x8, so that’s why I ask.

I got 4 of the 17x11 in full color from Vistaprint for the 30 dollar price range…

Vehicle Accessories | VictoryStore – VictoryStore.com is where i got mine. $ 50 a piece delivered. 12x24. Way higher quality than vista. My first one were from vista and lasted only a few months, the one from victorystore have lasted twice as long allready and still look good.

I know this is off topic but I have to ask. What do you all use to clean the road grim off? My signs are white with black lettering and after it rains or a bad day they look like crap. most of it I can get off but they just look grey kinda like a old white t shirt.

Thanks guys. I’m going to order mine from buildasign.com. I attached the sign im going to make. What do you think?CarClean_24x12_Magnet.pdf (287 KB)

Looking good topnotch.

Scott I usually wash my signs when i wash the truck, using a truck wash brush to lightly scrub them with the auto wash soap. Cant you throw them in blindcleaner 2000?

Hey Scott,

I know what you mean with the road grime. For some reason the magnets seem to attract it more then the cars, it’s like their a magnet or something. Mine needed more attention then just car soap. I take mine off about every week and use a little bit of ammonia on a rag to wipe them down. They look brand new again. I then use another rag with a little bit of soap to make sure all the ammonia is off of them before I put them back on the truck.

I will try that. When I bought them I was told to use dish soap but it just doesn’t cut it. I was affraid to use anything else due to I wasn’t sure if the stickers would come off. I don’t know whats worse, cleaning the magnets or the brake dust off a chrome rim. both are just as bad

Don"t bother with them.

I was washing my truck over the weekend. I always take the signs off before I wash. I also wash both sides of the signs as well.
Anyways, I was looking over the doors and found small pits (rusty color) on the drivers door where the magnetic signs are placed.
Those damn signs have done that to one other work truck in the past.
If you don’t completely clean the back surface of the signs, they can collect debris and cause scratching and pitting on the vehicle surface. These signs were less than a year old too.
Spend a few bucks more and get vinyl lettering.

They drag the metal through the paint over time. They also create havoc if you put them back on wet.

I lost one of mine because of driving in one snow storm because the sand and salt got behind the sign and blew off(i think) when i was on the highway. After I noticed the one missing off the passangers door I looked at the one on the drivers door edges were curling back and was ready to blow off too. I took them off for the winter now because I cant be throwing $50 out the window. And I wash my truck and both side of my signs at least once a week if not more.

Have you tried cleaning them in the your blind cleaning machine?

My reason for not getting lettering is because if I ever decide to change it the paint will be faded. I would letter the windows, but theres not a whole lotta space on the back side windows of a Tundra.

With the magnets I’ll move them between front and back doors and left and right side of the tailgate to prevent fading. I clean the back and front side of the magnet every time I wash the truck.

Sometimes I like to drive the truck with no magnets at all too. I couldn’t do this if I had it lettered.

I agree sometimes I like to be just another truck on the road. Right now I have 1 truck that is all of my vehicles so I too like the option of taking the signs off. My plan is to purchase 2 newer trucks this year, one wrapped for work and one for pleasure.

You know I never even thought about it. I will give it a shot and let you know if it works.

One thing I have always done is put baby powder on the back of the mags. cuts down on the rust and moisture when it rains.

Awsome. You wash your hands/blinds/tools/computer equipment/etc in it. I would think that a magnetic sign should be a piece of cake. But will probably cause your machine to explode. Proceed with caution!

I’ll try that.

Just be sure to check if they are kosher in your state. Here in MA if you have signs on your vehicle it needs to be registered commercial, if its registered commercial it needs to have your info attatched to the vehicle, not on a magnet attatched to vehicle. Its not one of those things thats really enforced, except by meter maids in boston, and cops in the suburbs with nothing else to do.