Where do I get insurance?

I’ve contacted several insurance companies but can’t locate one that insures window cleaners. I only clean residential windows. I’m looking for specific names of companies that insure window cleaners. Appreciate your responses.

Seek out those who offer business insurance.

When people hear “window cleaner” they think high rise and ropes.

Ask them about code 9014 which is for janitorial.

If you regularly use ladders then you’ll need code 9170 which is way more expensive but you’ll need it if you go up a ladder.

I did 90 percent 9014 and 10 percent 9170

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I have window cleaning insurance for up to 3rd floor window cleaning and gutters, $735.00 for the year; $81 per month for 9 months; Or four payments of $181.25. It does land under “Janitorial”.
I asked my broker that I use for my home owners and flood insurance about business insurance for Window Cleaning Service; he asked if it was “High Rise”, that answer was NO, no higher than 3rd floor which happens to be the cutoff - above that is “considered” High Rise. Beyond my desire and tools. :slight_smile:

What is the name of the insurance company?

Frank Winston Crum.

Try next insurance , they’re online . Super easy

With Next insurance, are you able to do store front? My quote doesn’t cover medical/dental facilities, shopping centers, or grocery stores. Kind of puts a cramp on my store front game! Did you find a way around it?

I found getting insurance a challenge.

With Next, I had to call and ask a rep several questions.

Ultimately I went with another company that understood the unique nature of window and gutter cleaning for around the same price.

Regardless being clear as to what your policy covers is good to know. So good on you for looking at this now.

Not sure , I would have to double take a look at it . I think it does , either way I’m 95% resi

What was the reason given for this glass cleaning to be “taboo”?

I never asked, just moved on with my broker. For straight resi work it was like $45 a month. Thats not that bad. But they also lump Roof washing in with Hot Tar roofing work, so that was not going to be covered.

Where do janitorial services and pressure washers get their insurance for such businesses?

@Garry so emailed Next insurance, they stated their underwriters list storefronts, medical and dental offices High Risk. Guess people tripping over a bucket is a real problem out there.

Wow. Yep, time for insurance shopping.